16 December 2014

Some reworked images


Bit of cheat, this no. 51. I did take a 51 and included it in the mix but for some reason it didn't upload. After I'd taken it I took the above and now I prefer this one to the original (which was out of focus, to reflect the impossibility of knowing what is around the corner). Therefore, this is kinda 51 version 2.0 - it's up to you, gentle reader, if you wish to accept it or not... :)

51 years of lessons (8, 29 and 51 missing; 14 doubles as 15 as well)

The ordering changed during the upload process for some reason but I think they are back to where they should have been to start with. The idea behind the photos, above, was to take a photo for each year of my age that reflects or interprets what was going on / what I remembered of the time / my preoccupations then. Further, I was to do this quickly and I only allowed five photos to be deleted and re-shot (in the end I think I re-shot about 8 - yeah, I broke my own rule - I'll do better next time). So the above were taken during the space of a three mile or so walk from our house down to the Montgomery Canal and back round to the house via fields and farmland. I won't interpret them as it would take too long and I'm not sure they would by any clearer afterward anyway, though I'd say that the different sizes of the pictures is deliberate as is the messy spacing to reflect the fact that life is messy and at times unclear; similarly, black and white indicates that I was pretty binary in my thinking at the time represented by the photo, nearly always mistakenly.

I may repeat the exercise in the future as it got me to both experiment and move on, photographing quickly. If and when I do it again, I'll try and remember to set the camera to JPEG rather than RAW as I was using all sorts of the silly, playful settings on the camera but these were removed when the pictures were transferred to my laptop and had to be re-imagined in photoshop. I don't know that there is anything else I'd change about the project - the missing pictures are a bit annoying and I'm not sure what happened to them; also, the brown out-of-focus mess at 21 was meant to show something else but never mind, it is of a piece with the project and so I've not re-shot it. I enjoyed doing this in part because it was down and dirty - done in a short burst of time, I haven't over-thought it and I don't mind presenting it here: it isn't going to win any awards but it isn't meant to - it's meant to be an exercise to loosen my thinking and my shooting and help me gain more insight into my past and how it has shaped me.

One surprising thing - how little I've learned.

Welcome to Mrs Lemon's: Sic transit gloria mundi.

A more considered selection of photographs, and more commercial work, can be found at http://patrickdoddsphotography.co.uk where you will also find my Flickr stream.

"Mrs Lemon's Visit to Japan" takes its name from a poster seen in Cornwall advertising a talk at the local Women's Institute - I thought it had a ring to it :) Before I saw this (there is a picture of it somewhere on here taken many moons ago), the bolg (I mean "blog" of course, but today bolg sounds like a better description somehow), the bolg was known as Ten Years of Pictures, my target being when I set out to take a picture a day for 10 years; probably luckily for everyone concerned, I failed in this and instead I give you the melange that is Mrs Lemon's; I hope there is something here you like.

NB If you go back in time far enough on here some of the photos start to disappear - I think this has to do with a strange policy Google has of only keeping one copy of a photo and sharing it between Picassa (where I want to store nothing) and here; I'm not sure but I think any pictures on here have to be on Picassa which I'm not wild about but there you go - a free service so, for the time being, I'm not complaining. Not too much anyway.



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