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Klimt and Schiele - Drawings at the Royal Academy

[Apologies for the purple prose but, well, it really was moving - go ahead and read but bear this in mind would you? Thanks very much :)].

I might have to go back to this again, it's too much to deal with in one go; I nearly cried on seeing this:

It took me straight back to my 20s and seeing Schiele's work for the first time - I was overwhelmed then, and I was blown away again today, though this time with an additional force of nostalgia: not only for the woman in the picture, presumably now long-since dead, but also for the lost innocence in me, in all of us as we age. 
I again had a visceral reaction to the power and beauty of Schiele's art and poor old Klimt suffers in his student's exalted company - the drama, the pathos, the raw sexuality and the confrontation are missing from the older man's art: Klimt's smooth lines and romantic inclination offer a very different take on human sexuality - picturing a woman masturbating, Klimt's drawing still attempts…

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