14 January 2018

Cuts Hairdressers, Soho

Product photography - not my usual thing but I wanted to be helpful... 
The packaging doubles as an artwork. If you're on Dean Street maybe pop in and pick some up? One box will last a goodly long time. 

10 January 2018

Zibaldone in B&W

Got this little flexible-covered 300 page notebook that I am using for my latest Zibaldone. Not sure why I have gone B&W - I think it will teach me something, though at present there is much moaning and little else. Anyway, because my Mac laptop won't print to the Samsung Cheap-O-Rama Laserjet that I have (I have no idea why it does't work - I mean, there is some sort of seven-word explanation on the printer's minscule seventy-pixel LCD but I can't understand six of them) I have to download pictures to my phone and then print them from that using Samsung's Print Service Plugin for Android (which works very well). So, the combo of the need for tiny pictures for the Zib, in B&W, via my phone, means that I have uploaded the above little menagerie, made with Blogstomp, which I have then downloaded to my phone and printed off prior to it being cut up and the individual portraits stuck in the notebook. Convoluted, but kinda fun.

6 January 2018

Winter Train Ride II (b&w)

What I wanted to do here was try and pin down something of the cold grey but also at times beautiful winter countryside as it fled past the Shrewsbury to Welshpool train. These are the survivors of about 25 pictures - some others may appear, and these may be edited - I was in a hurry today, I don't know why. Square and black and white? Yes, that was what took hold of me. Anyway, January in the UK - it goes on a bit... More anon.