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30th December 2004 - bit of a cheat as I can only count this as today's image because I manipulated it this evening. However....  
25th December 2004 - Christmas morning.  
22nd December 2004 - rubbish pic I'm afraid, tho' in being so it matches the service offered by South West Trains.  
24th December 2004.  
21st December 2004 - why he's eating someone's foot may remain a mystery.  
27th December 2004 - Richmond.  
26th December 2004 - on the beach at Selsey.  
28th December 2004. At home.  
19th December 2004 Our tree.  
20th December 2004 - reading the paper in Starbucks at lunchtime. Blue light, red upholstery, beige furniture .... I'm going maaaaddd you know.  
21st Dec 2004 again - this one is better is it not? Still cr*p, obviously, but better nontheless. By the way, the spookiness of the homogenising world is becoming ever more apparent isn't it? Maybe it's just my way of looking at things - I ought to try and get out more.  
21st Dec 2004 - transferred to computer from my phone via bluetooth, a first for me... I'm sure you're all thrilled. Anyway, it shows the landing lights outside Robert Dyas in Richmond. Rubbish quality of course, but the medium is the message. Or something.  
9th December 2004 - Oxford Street - awful quality as taken on phone but I like the lights this year - brutal in their simplicity - and I thought you should see them.  
10th December 2004 - Sven at work. Looks like he's talking to Gordon Brown. A colleague took this one on her phone.  
14th December 2004 British Museum.  
17th December 2004 - the orange sign in the background says "Social Workers". I won't tell you what I was doing here... And yes, it is a portakabin. I tried to take the picture serruptitiously for various reasons - anyway, the upshot was that I had my camera on video mode which explains (a) why the whole shot is composed of five pixels total; and (b) why the left-hand edge of the shot shouldn't be there.

5th December 2004 - it's all artificial.  
14th December 2004 - Sharon Osborne - you can't see the Shetland pony, but it is there, honestly.

6th December 2004 - check out the donkey rider. While you are at it, reflect on the fact that this may well be the most interesting sight in Geneva. That, and the fact that an omelette and two slices of tomato costs £9.00. Which is nice.

29th November 2004 London City Airport 
2nd December 2004 - I blame the altitude.  
13th December 2004 - a false hip.  
3rd December 2004 - Val Thorens 
10th December 2004 
26th October 2004