25 June 2004

Oh dear

Even though it was entirely predictable it didn't stop England's loss being slightly sad - no more get togethers, no more post-match analysis (I know nothing, of course, but that doesn't stop anyone banging on about football does it?), no more rushing to get back for the match after work... Ah well, plus ca change.

22 June 2004

21st June 2004: Also thought this one deserved an airing...  Posted by Hello
21st June 2004: On the beach, Brighton. My birthday.  Posted by Hello
22nd June 2004: from the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden nr. Dorking in Surrey. I'm afraid I don't know the name of the sculptor but do go if you get the chance - life-affirming and unnerving in equal measure.  Posted by Hello
19th June 2004: More gerberas... Posted by Hello
20th June 2004: Sunflower at Colombia Road flower market, 8.00 a.m.  Posted by Hello
18th June 2004: 10.30 p.m. and for some reason everyone starts playing with their phones... Posted by Hello

17 June 2004

16th June 2004 - boats under Richmond Bridge. Had I been able, I would have stayed until the sun was further into the process of actual setting but unfortunately this wasn't possible hence this rather prosaic little number. Bear with me though - an upgrade of equipment is sure to happen soon as well as, one hopes, an improvememt in photographic talent.  Posted by Hello
17th June 2004 - this rather rubbishy pic shows the view from Henry's Mound in Richmond Park, the highest point of Richmond hill and from where, were the photographer better, you would be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of St Paul's Cathedral. The mound is said to have been the place on which Henry VIII stood so that he could see the smoke confirming the execution of Anne Boleyn 10 miles away at the Tower. And there was you thinking "why has he photographed a hole in a hedge?" Posted by Hello

15 June 2004

15th June 04 (I know, I know, they're out of order - if you feel critical, remember that you shouldn't make perfect the enemy of good).  Posted by Hello
16th June 04 - statue of Hermes, a messenger of the Gods, from the Acropolis and in the British Museum. Feel the power... beautiful. Posted by Hello
14th June 04 nr Tottenham Court Rd - it's a giant inflatable pig of course...  Posted by Hello


Engadget - www.engadget.com

Want to know what's happening when it comes to inventing invisibility cloaks? Fancy being able to turn your iPod Mini (when you eventually get one that is) into a pirate radio station? Look no further than engadget, site #1 for Ubergeeks everywhere.

14 June 2004

the future is nearly here

Imagine if you could put a picture into Google and it found similar matches. Imagine you did this with a face (one you had composed to your own specification and that represented your ideal partner, for example) and then Google went off and got available dates... or if Google found pictures that closely matched the one that you'd put in and that identified who the closest matches were...

Imagine a country in which you had, by law, to post your picture on the web so that, in the event of your being caught in some dodgy CCTV footage somewhere (doing a bank job, for example), this could be fed into such a search engine and your details sought...

Imagine being able to Google the person opposite you on the tube on the way to work. It can't be that far away.

13 June 2004

12th June 04 - Outside what used to be a favourite haunt, this picture was taken by my 8 year old nephew (which goes to show either A) the leaps and bounds made in education, or B) there's nothing quite like point and click). Apologies for yesterday's missing picture - it should have shown a statue of Ganesh in the British Museum. I had a quiet word with him during my lunch-hour about an urgent matter.  Posted by Hello
10th June 04 - Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park (another day of failure yesterday with no picture taken)  Posted by Hello
8th June 04 - replacement Posted by Hello
7th June 04 - from Richmond Bridge Posted by Hello
6th June 04 - sorry to scare you... taken with flash through the petals of a rhodedendron flower in Richmond Park.  Posted by Hello
5th June 04 - At a wedding in Edinburgh - I'm sorry to note a return to ginger as I get older (I would almost prefer grey).  Posted by Hello
4th June 04 - another replacement. I shall approach people eventually and ask if they mind their pics appearing on here. In the meantime, this bust can't talk so the poor man has to put up with the slight silliness of the pose.  Posted by Hello
3rd June 04 - my worst picture yet I suspect. Taken at night as I was running out of time, this shows my home-made cat defences to protect these newly-sown plants. They do a good job of protecting but not of beautifying.  Posted by Hello
2nd June 04 A couple of private ones omitted - if and when I get people's permission to put their images on the web I will do so. In the meantime, here are pigeons on the roof of the Great Court at the British Museum looking like apostrophes.  Posted by Hello
30th May 04 - Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park  Posted by Hello