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Showing posts from July, 2004
23rd June 2004 (extremely out of order). Sad news for those of us hoping for East / West relations to improve...  
8th July 2004   
27th July 2004  
29th July 2004 - Ghostly (read underexposed) flowers. A poor effort but I am excused by the fact that I was feeling absolutely dreadful with a terrible fever and headache. Besides, they have a Julia Margaret Cameron feel about them don't they?  
28th July 2004 - spooky catwoman branch, Richmond Park (to where I was banished for a few hours owing to a book group meeting taking place at home).  
26th July 2004 - solar powered lamp - front garden. Not exactly a lighthouse, you know where the lamp is when it's on and that's about it.  

Aarrrgh - missing pics

Not sure why but I cannot now find the photos for the following dates:

16th july
11th July
9th July
7th July
5th July
1st July

If I find any I'll post them. Meanwhile, I'm just a tad disappointed.

25th July 2004 - with thanks to William Egglestone and the Observer Magazine 
22nd July 2004. Check out that new back door. Fuzzy owing to lack of tripod and the fact that flash killed the pic dead. You wouldn't believe how long that cat flap took to install.  
20th July 2004 - Turqoise mosaic mask of Mixtec-Aztec fire god, c. 1500 A.D. He's a scarey looking fellah isn't he? Best not upset him by mentioning that his teeth could do with some work. 

19th July 2004 in the stolen garden. 
21st July 2004 British Museum, lunchtime.  
18th July 2004 - breaking the law (again). Who is in charge?! 
15th July 2004 
4th July 2004 - avec les in-laws at Isabella. Leaf in hand, extreme left, does not really constitute vandalism. Honestly.  
17th July 2004 - that's a bit clearer isn't it?  
24th July 2004. Lousy quality I'm afraid but you can, if you look closely, make out a few flowers sprucing up the place post-Rosedale in Bloom.  
23rd July 2004. At work again. Check out that "In Desperate Need of a Holiday" look.  
29th June 2004 - at work looking skeletal. And anxious. And in dire need of a haircut of course. 

3rd July 2004: A touch of la ginge I will admit...  
10th July 2004 - street party and Rosedale in Bloom competition. Cut up pants make good bunting you know...  
30th June 2004 - gardner's hut (a grand hut, of course, but still allegedly a hut), Inns of Court, lunchtime.  
12th July 2004 - Church, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, late afternoon - not too late yet apparently.  
6th July 2004 - Chinese stone Guardian, late Ming or early Qing dynasty (late 17th Cent).  

28th June 2004: Japanese Netsuke from, I think, 18th Cent. A trifle disturbing.  
2nd July (dates all to pants now) 2004 - Augustus - 27 to 25 BC - made by the Romans in Egypt. Noble eh?