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Showing posts from August, 2004
26th August 2004 
24th August 2004 - ....and the yellowy eyes...  
23rd August 2004: Sunflower 
28th August 2004 - beginning of the conker season, this are a special under-ripe Cornish variety.  
27th August 2004 Heading west through Somerset on our way to Plymouth, J took this from our wonderful car as we sped along at twice the speed of sound. Or thereabouts.  
15th August 2004 Lyndon enjoying the warm-up to Zero 7 
21st August 2004. All together now, ahhh... A rural post box in Wiltshire. Very cute non?  

20th August 2004

Today's effort was so poor (worse, even, than the cat defence number of yore) that I am too ashamed to include it here. Suffice it to say that several pints is not the best preparation for taking photos.
22nd August 2004: get that car a haircut.  
13th August 2004 - I won't go on about what was happening here - suffice to say, another work-bound number, censored for public viewing.  
12th August 2004 - I've done what I can but I'm afraid for today I only have a very poor pic indeed.  
19th August 2004 - lion looks aloof.  
18th August 2004 - figures fighting from the Parthenon. None of the sculptures in the BM, be they Egyptian or Greek, Roman or Etruscan, appear to have a pen!s - is this a result of Victorian social mores?).

17th August 2004 British Museum - more Central American maskery.  
16th and 14th August 2004 - a cheat and a dreadful picture all in one - how marvellous. Can't get this pic beamed in an accetable format to my pda for transfer to computer... blah blah. Anyway, taken on Saturday then again today, it shows sunset over the main stage at De Montfort Hall in Leicester (ah the romance) and was taken just prior to the Super Furry Animals coming on and after The Beta Band (their penultimate concert apparently - they were superb).
No pic for 13th - travelling to Leicester, I forgot all about taking one. Must do better....

9th August 2004  
11th August 2004 - dans la derriere jardin (well, more of a yard really).  
8th August 2004. Piano lesson.  
This one is in at random - I just thought it deserved an airing owing to it's power to frighten. From the BM.  
7th August 2004. This is Charm, a neighbour's hamster. I am looking after him (?) for a week. Two points: (a) his teeth need a clean (worse than that Mexican fire god's); and (b) s/he apparently bites without compunction. (a) and (b) are not, I fear, a good combination.

4th August 2004 - roses, mucked about with.  
3rd August 2004 - summer storm at the London Eye.  
6th August 2004 British Museum, lunchtime. V. hot, this view reminded me of India somehow.  
5th August 2004 - almost Hopperian in it's simplicity and use of light I'm sure you'll agree. Mind you, the absence of figures precludes it being the work of that American master. That and a couple of other factors.  
30th July 2004. White flowers and table top. Too much brown but otherwise pleasing.