27 September 2004

27th September 2004 - home. Not normally lit up like that in fact, but I'm in a bit of a rush so it'll have to do.  Posted by Hello
25th September 2004 Enough frightening. What about this, a straight picture of Lyndon's car that took us around / over Horseshoe Pass? Very nice is it not?  Posted by Hello
24th September 2004: I've hitherto thought my eyes too small so I thought I'd do something about it. I'm not sure the results of the surgery could be deemed a success however... oh, and btw, I've removed yesterday's photo as it was making me nervous for reasons I won't go into here. Posted by Hello

19th September 2004: Rosie in my trainers. Kids, without exception, LOVE putting on adults shoes don't they? Anyway, I thought this rather cute.  Posted by Hello
18th Sept 2004 - view over Chorleywood, the place of my birth. Verdant pasture for Metropolitanis Commuterus. Posted by Hello

17th Sept 04. The view from my desk. What a lucky chap I am working in such luxurious surroundings. Can you see George on the far wall?
You may think this picture dull but imagine what riches it will bring to future historians specialising in the story of The Office. Lummie! Posted by Hello

20th Sept 2004 - evening meal. Very grainy and dark as taken on PDA.  Posted by Hello
22nd Sept 2004 - Somerset House at dusk.  Posted by Hello

16 September 2004

Missing Pics

8th and 10th September appear to be missing. If they turn up you'll be the first to know.
9th September 2004 - pigeons having a late summer bath, Russell Sq, lunchtime.  Posted by Hello
7th September 2004 - another "oh no, I've forgotten to take my POTD" moment. Posted by Hello

06th September 2004 - Pizza Express, Soho Posted by Hello
15th September 2004 - and this is why the blueberries aren't working: cab, late at night, after a beautiful meal at Fifteen, Jamie Oliver's restaurant cum philanthropic adventure.  Posted by Hello
13th September 04 - a surf widower, I trotted along to Padstow (Padstein as it is known to broadsheet readers).  Posted by Hello
12th September 04 - cute eh?  Posted by Hello
11/09/04: Mrs Lemon's talk in Cawsand / Kingsand, Cornwall - sadly, we're unable to be present. Posted by Hello

5 September 2004

3rd Septemer 2004 - picture removed on grounds of general crapness, it was a waste of your time and mine as I was sometimes told at school (though not often enough).
05th September 2004 - yellow rose Posted by Hello
2nd September 2004 - forgot again today so this one is a substitute - show's Paolozzi's "Newton" (1995) outside the British Library. A powerful work, I'm sorry not to have been able to do it more justice. With practice hopefully I will improve - I know I said this at the beginning of this enterprise and so far the signs are few and far between but I shall persevere.  Posted by Hello
1st September 2004: Through the bathroom window... Posted by Hello

31st August 2004 - imagine the RSI from this little baby. At the British Library, lunchtime.  Posted by Hello
29th August 2004 (a bit of a cheat actually as was taken at 0030 on the 30th - hope this is acceptable). I blame the bandiness on the cowboy boots I wore in my teens.  Posted by Hello
30th August 2004 Posted by Hello

1 September 2004

From Now On...

I'm going to be kind, gentle and unassuming. I'm going to accentuate the positive and never again mention those unpleasant matters alluded to below. My apologies, I was a bit upset. If anyone would like to buy a really rather awful and no doubt network-locked phone, just email me.


A couple of points from today:

1. What does "GPRS Parameters are not supported" mean?
2. What does "Please configure your phone for MMS" mean?

Shall I tell you? They mean never, but NEVER, get a Vodafone mobile.

Also, type"Happiness" and "site:UK" into Google and go to the first site.... erm, no, you can't - unavailable. Of course it's unavailable. You live in the UK. Unless UHT milk, shell suits, Ant 'n' Dec, The Daily Sport, motorway services and binge drinking are your bag, unless you enjoy Saturday night in Reading / Slough / Doncaster, unless you love seeing "Boots / WH Smith / Shabitat / Clinton's Cards (surely the worst offender?) / Tesco Metro (read Tesco Cupboard) / Sainsbury's House of Horrors" in your high street no, you won't find happiness here. You're in Tony Blair's / Margaret Thatcher's / John Major's Britain and it is, I'm sure you'll agree, entirely given over to avarice and the ASBO. It's time to go, but where? Is there somewhere uninfected by a Daily Mail /American Republican / religious fundamentalist outlook? Perhaps it's time to check out Thailand. Or perhaps I ought to get more politically active.

There, rant over. You may not feel better but I do and that, of course, is Very British.