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Showing posts from October, 2004
30th October 2004  
21st October 2004 - sorry, another work one. I'm trying to jazz them up honestly.  
27th October 2004 - starting to feel unwell at Waterloo on my way to work, the buses were not the only things that were bendy today. 
22nd October 2004. Another work number.  

23rd October 2004

Sorry, no picture from today. If it is of interest, the evening was spent at my brother's 40th birthday bash where I learnt more than I needed to about pelvic floor exercises (are they necessary for men too? This I didn't find out).
24th October 2004 - autumn leaves in the Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park 
20th October 2004 - Westminster Tube - I love that station.  
17th October 2004 - making his capture more likely?  
16th October 2004 - at Hannah Peshar Sculpture Garden again.  
5th October 2004 - although maybe not yet. Why the long face?  
4th October 2004 - another one from work - I'm reading more now so don't get out so much. Also, of course, it's autumn and the light isn't around so long. I will try and vary things a little from now on though.  
18th October 2004 - view upstairs 
11th October 2004 - sorry, me again, complete with odd right cheek.

7th October 2004 - from Clapham Junction on the way home.  
9th October 2004 - a rather crappy Oxfordshire shot 
13th October 2004 - From Waterloo Station 
10th October 2004 - Oxfordshire 
3rd October 2004 
8th October 2004 - what some of these pictures are taken on.  
12th October 2004 - more weirdy eye s**t.  
14th October 2004 (OK, a repeat, but worth it?) - on the way home from work, a fire at the Royal National Homeopathic Hospital that sent smoke all over Great Ormond Street.

14th October 2004 - on the way home from work. From Waterloo Bridge.  
15th October 2004 - Cafe Nero on the way to work 

Non-photo news

More pics soon but in the meantime check these out:

this will take you to a "Victimless leather jacket" - as the man said, the future is here, it's just unevenly distributed:,1282,65248,00.html

now, if this can print multi-megapixel pics I want one: camera to palm to pivi.... tadaa:

Lastly, we had one of these when I was a kid and I just liked seeing it again (the Constellation that is - scroll to bottom of page) - I remember how the catches holding the cylinder together used to give out on a regular basis thereby causing a maelstrom of dust and a shouty dad:

2nd October 2004 - incense in the sun.  

More Missing Pics

21st and 22nd Sept are missing - two dull days where nothing happened? Possibly. They were a Tuesday and Wednesday at work - there is plenty of drama in work of course, but nothing I could post here for reasons of confidentiality. Outside work, things were clearly less than interesting.
The 23rd is missing a picture despite the fact that I was away from my desk and in Newcastle for the day, visiting a hospital to see how they work up there (one of the few centres in the UK to do the same procedures as at my place of work - sorry to get all cryptic on you but that's the way it has to be I'm afraid). I didn't get a chance to snap a shot as I was rushing around all day and was busy in the evening. If I had taken a shot, you can rest assured it would have been superb of course.... Actually, I'm not so sure I can see any development in my photos on here as yet. I am working on them I promise so stick with me and you'll hopefully see improvements.
26th Sept 04 - the beginning of Autumn at Bodnant Gardens, Nrth Wales 
28th Sept 04 - compare with 28th May 2004 - see the leaf changes? It was beautiful both times.