26 November 2004

25th November 2004 - day in, day out...  Posted by Hello
22nd November 2004 - I'm not sure about the water cooler at work - this is "my" glass after a couple of weeks... maybe I should wash it occasionally.  Posted by Hello
7th November 2004 - ooh, it's like the blitz down our road... cats under the stairs after this little number went off.  Posted by Hello
26th November 2004 nr. British Museum, lunchtime.  Posted by Hello
19th November 2004 nr Covent Garden prior to a haircut in case you're interested.  Posted by Hello
16th November 2004 - strange places, driving ranges.  Posted by Hello
23rd November 2004 on the way home.  Posted by Hello
13th November 2004 Richmond Park - beautiful autumn day.  Posted by Hello
5th November 2004 - Tom's lesson  Posted by Hello
21st November 2004 - and this is someone who has worked for AI for years... Shame I don't look anything like Woody Harrelson Posted by Hello

18 November 2004

4th November 2004 Posted by Hello
17th November 2004: a boring picture that needs a soundtrack really as what you can't hear is a Telegraph reading fogey being called an a***hole for, well, for being an a***hole because he threatened to not let a pregnant woman sit down because he didn't believe she had a first class ticket (the train was overcrowded even by the useless standards of South West Trains owing to "a complete signal failure at Ascot"). Which is nice. Posted by Hello

10th November 2004 - after work waiting for the others....  Posted by Hello
18th November 2004 Posted by Hello

7 November 2004

6th November 2004

No picture today I'm afraid, though had the light been better I would no doubt have captured a fabulous shot of the parakeets on the fruit trees at hole five of Hounslow Golf Course (of which one could say that Augusta has nothing to fear).

Mr and Mrs Macbeth