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Showing posts from February, 2005
28th February 2005 Looks like Jesus is on the 0824 to Waterloo, though even he can't prevent it being delayed.  

Something Odd about Mrs Lemon's

What is odd is that I am embarrassed (never could spell that word) at the thought of anyone actually reading this blog or looking at the pictures, especially the ludicrous self-portraits. And yet... and yet I compulsively post. It isn't beyond the realms of probability that I need therapy.
27th February 2005 Check out those window pots - there's something suspicious about them is there not?  
26th February 2005. Again, apologies for more self-portraiture. Better and more interesting pics will follow. In the meantime, don't you think that this looks like the frontispiece for a corporate brochure c.1972? Or perhaps the publicity photo for a singer/songwriter whose career is on the slide?
And another thing: why don't advertisers ever allow question marks at the end of questions in their press and poster campaigns - do they think it will somehow make them look unsure of themselves or weak if they properly punctuate their work. (Sic). (Picture removed on grounds of unctiousness).
25th February 2005 Snow dans la jardin prior to leaving for work. I learnt earlier from somewhere on the web (sorry, forgotten where) that snow under a grey sky is best taken at exposure +1 stop. Try it people - you'll be surprised.  


The trouble is, the more the theocracy there misbehaves (for example by sending bloggers to jail), the more I want to support George Bush and his eventual attack on that evil state. And that cannot be a good thing. What to do? Where does a liberal who wants to see change in the Arab / religious world (i.e. the take up of democracy) turn?
24th February 2005 I like this one - it has a Matrix feel to it (the first one, not the silly sequels).  
23rd February 2005 Only a few more days of this, the worst of months, to get through now...  

No Justice

It's a shame there is no hell (just as there is no god) as otherwise Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, and current Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, would be sure to be heading there following yesterday's outrageous sentence of an Iranian Blogger for, inter alia, insulting these two charmers. Ah what it is to live side-by-side with the Middle Ages.
22nd February 2005 At work buying my morning latte with an extra shot. Apologies for all the self-portraits of late - I'm not confident in taking pics of other people (and generally won't post them on here without permission if I ever do snap them), and it is too cold to go out at lunchtime. However, I will try and do better from now on.  

Free Mojtaba and Arash

This link (you may have to cut and paste) will take you to a site explaining who Mojtaba and Arash are and why it is important that something is done about their having been locked up. While you're about it, why not join Amnest International? There are few better causes.
18th February 2005. Android anyone? I might never have to shave again.  
20th February 2005. Ha ha, how self-referential can you get? 
16th February 2005 Sometimes its hard not to feel this way. Though it is by no means always the case...  
15th February 2005. Payday. Worried, moi? 
13th February 2005 We have a working tv now - you can probably tell from the vacuity of the eyes.  
14th Rebruary 2005. A work nightmare and I apologise for not making today more romantic.  
10th Feb 2005 
12th Feb 2005 Sorry about the execrable quality. Shown are a few of the cards put through our door recently offering a car service. I might have to collect a years worth for better comparison.  
10th February 2005 Dirty Den captured on the computer (aerial man came today to put up new, larger jobby - seems to have done the trick). Den - I tried to smooth out your face a bit but sorry, the software wasn't strong enough, hence I went for this mashed-up look. Though I like it, the big question is, what will Walfordians make of it?

6th February 2005. Reminds me of "Boney" Wheeler.  
31st January 2005. I know, I know! Some days inspiration is in short supply.  
1st February 2005 From the British Museum. Sublime.  
9th February 2005. Trying to make sense of it all.  
8th February 2005. An unusually silent receptionist.  
4th January 2005 From the irritatingly cryptic to the plain dull. You'll have to forgive me - I'm just now learning about Photoshop (Adobe's PDFs may be intensely annoying but you have to hand it to them for Photoshop).  
3rd February 2005.