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30th March 2005. Cheap pun about rose (rose) tinted glasses? I refuse. Anyway, nice glass of red, some soft music playing, photos to edit and party playlists to compose - what could be better?
28th March 2005 

Intelligent Blog Alert - Daily Dish
While I don't agree with everything, he's an interesting and thoughtful blogger whose take on the Terry Schiavo case has helped me come to some conclusions about it myself. A genuinely caring Republican, I think.
Now, I'll post a pic in a few minutes when I've sorted out a subject. In the meantime, a dumb one from yesterday will follow this post.
27th March 2005. Make of this what you will.  
26th March 2005 Those pesky gerberas are back. What sort of industrial-strength chemicals are they given to make them that colour do you think?  
25th March 2005 Sorry about the blue roses - they seem to be a product of a combination of flash and indoor lighting in automatic mode.
That said, you can of course nowadays get blue roses.
Happy Easter to both my readers, btw.
24th March 2005 First trip to Isabella this year. I liked the look of this even though Prunus Serrula looks as if it's skin is too tight - as if bound perhaps, or blistered after a burn.  
23rd March 2005 Euterpe, Muse of Instrumental Music, from the facade of the Apollo Inn on Tottenham Crt Road (1898), now in St George's Garden, Bloomsbury. You wouldn't defy those eyes would you?  
20th March 2005 
22nd March 2005 Windmill Walk - not featuring in Country Life any time soon.  

A couple more points....

Seen the story on the BBC about 25% of the worlds zombie PCs being in the UK? Read further to find that the total number in use (globally? or in UK? I suspect the former but the BBC story doesn't make this clear) declined between July and December last year from 30,000 to 5,000. Erm, is the story reported as "Massive Overestimation of Threat Posed by Zombies"? Guess what, no. It's reported as "Rise of PC Zombies 'threatens UK'".
And another thing: why are these industry-sponsored reports still used as "news"? Reminds me of the "Majority of Computer Users Give up Passwords in Exchange for Chocolate" nonsense we had to endure a while ago (you remember - a guy at a railway station says to you he'll give you a Crunchie if you tell him your password - one white lie later and you're snarfing down sugar on the 1834 to Guildford and he's telling the computer security company he works for what they want to hear).
The modern worl…
19th March 2005 Despite my affinities lying elsewhere, I have to say Wales deserved to win.  
18th March 2005 BM lunchtime - headshot. If only I had the confidence to take portraits (with permission of course).  
St Patrick's Day 2005 and what better way to mark it than to have a portrait by Hans Burgkmair, drawn in 1511, of Jacob Fugger The Rich, apparently also an "august citizen"?  
10th March 2005 
15th March 2005 I'm aware it's not the best shot and it is cliched and so forth but I can't help it, I like this one too.  
14th March 2005 I love this one because it makes me smile. Also, there is apparently a craze (fetish?) on Ebay for men (for it is mostly men I gather) selling highly polished chrome lots that, if potential buyers look at them closely enough, have a reflection of their naked owners basking in global attention. Funny? I thought so.  
12th March 2005 I know, I know, but I had to show you my newly acquired glasses. I'm not sure about them, never having had a pair before. We'll see.  
8th March 2005 
7th March 2005 OK, not the wildly improved and exciting changes I'd hoped for but still, at least it's not me again. What it does show of course is the continuing homogenisation of social spaces (pic shows a new cafe just opened in Richmond) - remember when I posted previously about reds, yellows and woody colours? Well here, of course, is more indoor acreage in this style. I guess it must work in terms of customer encouragement and comfort.  
6th March 2005 How to discover that your fireplace needs painting. Or stripping.

A Word from Mrs Lemon

"A blog. Full of pictures of you and the things around you. Why? It's all a bit narcissistic isn't it?"
Well yes. But... I like to write. And take pictures. This is a way of doing both and having a purpose behind the process.
"So why not do that and at the same time keep it private?"
Maybe I should. But as i noted before, I have a compulsion to post on here. It combines a love of the technology that is changing the world with a desire to interact creatively with others. Besides, though very few people read this and search engines are blind to its existence, I am left with the disturbing / exciting possibility that people could, if they wished, read and comment on my work. At the moment, while I try to improve, this potential is in itself enough and I carry on writing and taking photos. The result? A little satisfaction and an incentive to improve and innovate.
[What I'd love to do is a blog in a similar vein to (sorry, I&#…
4th March 2005 Still learning the intricacies of Photoshop.  
5th March 2005  
3rd March 2005 Crab Nebulae? Nope, lift ceiling at work (albeit somewhat photoshopped).
2nd March 2005 My cup at work (detail, slightly smudged). I should add that it wouldn't be my first choice but then, maybe I should buy one. In fact, looking at this, I ought to buy one as a matter of urgency. However, it is one of those mugs from which tea tastes just right: not made from porcelain (too thin, tea goes from too hot to too cold in an instant); nor from thick crockery (cup goes cold around luke warm tea); instead, it is made from some sort of modern porcelain / china /glass confection that somehow serves the tea well in spite of it's horrible looks. Coffee wouldn't be any good in it (it would make it too thin, astringent and lacking in depth), but tea just works. Alright, not every cup, that would be too much to ask, but a good 80% or so per week are finishable. I've not tried green tea in it - I think it would go the way of coffee and not be pleasant, and in fact green tea isn't really a work drink in my experience and is best saved for home consump…
1st March 2005 Sorry, bit of a repeat but I couldn't foist another self-portrait on you.