A Word from Mrs Lemon

"A blog. Full of pictures of you and the things around you. Why? It's all a bit narcissistic isn't it?"
Well yes. But... I like to write. And take pictures. This is a way of doing both and having a purpose behind the process.
"So why not do that and at the same time keep it private?"
Maybe I should. But as i noted before, I have a compulsion to post on here. It combines a love of the technology that is changing the world with a desire to interact creatively with others. Besides, though very few people read this and search engines are blind to its existence, I am left with the disturbing / exciting possibility that people could, if they wished, read and comment on my work. At the moment, while I try to improve, this potential is in itself enough and I carry on writing and taking photos. The result? A little satisfaction and an incentive to improve and innovate.
[What I'd love to do is a blog in a similar vein to http://randomreality.blogware.com/ (sorry, I've lost the ability to make this a link and you'll have to cut and paste), the blog of a London paramedic. However, I'm in a profession that makes this impossible and will thus have to try and make life more interesting outside work - other people manage....].
One more thing - no more self-portraits, I promise.
BTW, heard an interesting thing on the radio today. It was suggested that the reason old people are no longer revered and respected in the way they once were is because whereas in previous ages the knowledge they had was directly relevant to all and therefore could be learnt from, nowadays innovation and change come about so quickly the information they have is out-of-date and unenduring, thereby resulting in their obsolesence. Not pleasant and not a reason for you not to visit your grandparents, but interesting. Even relationships have changed thanks to the ascendency of the Market and the decline of Religion - marriage is no longer for life / everyone, thereby further squeezing the area of expertise of our forebears. Mind you, maybe this is how it appears to every generation?


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