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Showing posts from January, 2005
31st January 2005 - not the best shot ever, this little chap is to be found at Queen Mary's Hospital. They put them in those waiting rooms for a reason you know.
18th January 2005. Apologies, another cat number.

21st January 2005 - false hopes of spring engendered by lunchtime walk through Gray's Inn garden.  
16th January 2005 Storm approaching Brighton - south facing houses so it's coming in from the West.  
13th January 2005 Fencing by a church in Soho.  
20th January 2005 slightly distorted to give an impression of my mood at the time.  
23rd January 2005 On the way back from Oxfordshire via my brothers. Arty? Or rubbish? You decide.  
12th January 2005. On the way to work - scrunched into a corner of the train, it is a wonder none of my fellow sufferers, I mean commuters, are visible.  
27th January 2005 - can you see the middle finger on my right hand? Apparently a food allergy causes this Popeye effect - wheat is my guess - last night the throbbing woke me up it was that bad (altogether now, "ahhh").  
26th January 2005 - getting late and still no photo, hence this effort. You can see our relationship to dolphins in this one I reckon.  
13th December 2004 On the way home now.  
19th January 2005. A vase and some lights.  
20th January 2005. A beautiful holographic image of a labrador has appeared on my desk at work. Formed from a patch of dried juice from an apple I ate some time ago that I appear to have overlooked in any cleaning I have done lately, it truly is a miraculous apparition. Unfortunately this poor quality image taken on my PDA does not do any sort of justice to it and you'd be advised to drop by and pay a tenner and I can let you see the full image in all it's glory. The spirit of St Francis is, I am sure, alive and well in central London. And remember, you read about it here first.

18th January 2005 - An attempt to illustrate why taking d**gs at work would not be a good idea.  
17th January 2005. I imagine this view will be familiar to some of you. Ah, the romance of the modern workplace.  
10th January 2005. Holborn tube.

4th January 2005. Lamp taken on PDA.  
8th / 9th January 2005 (depending on time zones). You possibly may not be able to read this by the time it gets to the web - what it is is a notice on the front door of Texas Children's Hospital saying that carrying a concealed gun is not allowed. It comes below the no smoking sign. Yes, to repeat, this is at the Texas CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. Not a place one would have thought there would be much call for carrying a gun.  
3rd January 2005. From Kingston Bridge.  
1st January 2005 dawns forlorn - where are the curtains? 
6th January 2005 Samples nearly arrived...  
8th January 2005 - towards the Texas Medical Centre.  
7th January 2005 Tunnel at Museum of Fine Art, Houston 
31st December 2004 A Christmas question.  


No one is to blame. It isn't an "act of God". Giving money to the survivors is good. Helping others is the only way to spend one's time. Helping others takes many forms.