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Last one from tonight I promise

More Fog, More London, More Eye

London Eye again, also with Fog

London Eye again


Building Art

South Bank pollarded

South Court, Store Street 11th December 06

Tuesday: One All

More Products: The Business Card

Welcome to the Venice of the East

India 1993 / 4

Iranian Visitor

Fishing Equipment, Cochin, India, early 1990s

T-shirt 3

T-shirt design 2

T-shirt anyone?

Photoshop Layers

Aww ain't he cute? (title courtesy of MySpace etc etc)

One more from the weekend

On the Beach

Crosby 2nd Dec 06

10,000 monkeys with typewriters

Eco lighting 2

West End 28th Nov 06

Eco lighting? Sth Bank 28th Nov 2006

Incoming, Seaton, Cornwall, 25th November 2006

Tamar 26th November 2006

Union Inn, Saltash, 26th Nov 06

Tamar, 26th Nov 06

Storm Clouds over the Tamar, 26th Nov 06

Dinner Time

Tree Rats? Oh I think not.

OMG how cute is that?! (This title taken from MySpace)

A'dam 19th November 2006

A'dam 19th November 2006. Imperative #2

A'dam 19th November 2006. 2nd thoughts?

A'dam 19th November 2006

A'dam 19th November 2006

A'dam 19th November 2006. Shared lunch.

A'dam 19th November 2006. Back to the 70s?

Misspelt yuth

Oh, the Richmond Informer...

Enjoyment 16; Life 8.

Temper Temper


Car Thieves - Us or Them?

Sth Bank again

Great Euphemisms of our Time no. 49: Standby Mode

One more mystery solved

Tempted to see Borat?

Moonlit Thames 6th November 2006

Stalinist States

Heron 5th November 2006

Thames Traffic 3rd November 2006

No liability?

Safe in their hands

Light Pollution

Ghost Runners

Skater, South Bank

South Bank London

South Bank London

Car Crash Gerberas 2

Seat, Kew

Temple of Bellona, Kew

Car Crash Gerberas