29 April 2006

download questions

Boing Boing report that "Sony artists reportedly earn $0.0045 for each $0.99 song sold on iTunes." Not sure if this helps you decide where to download your music from, but having to sell 200 songs to make a dollar seems a bit harsh, especially if there are a few of you in your band....

25 April 2006

Charlie Clark Cock Up

Given the news, one suspects that dear Mr Charlie "I'm hard, me" Clark won't be in post next week. Although given that we have an education secretary who thinks that sex offenders should be free to work in schools, maybe he will.

24 April 2006

24th April 2006. On the way home.  Posted by Picasa

Photo Competition

So the competition last week was the best sunset photo. In the absence of any other competitors / in the absence of my announcing the competition to a wider field than just me and my brother(!), I won. This week the competition theme is "spring". So, snap away. My sister-in-law is the judge - send your links to the blog and let the best person win. I shall send a random CD to the winning photographer.

23 April 2006

1989. Dead Sea. And may I say that my excuse is that I was young and knew no better.  Posted by Picasa


Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.
- Emo Phillips

21st April 2006. Kew. Posted by Picasa

Nice little snapper

H2D-39. The letter / number combo I want for Christmas. And anyone who thinks £21,000 is a bit much for a camera hasn't seen the thing. Beautiful.

22 April 2006

Lil Jon

Just listened to my first, and possibly last, crunk track - Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz (surely that last Z went out in the 80s?) singing about some m*********n' s**t, ho'! I like the bass, the aggression and the beat, it's just the rest that's unbearable. Altho' that is probably the point.

18th April 2006 One for lilbro.  Posted by Picasa

21st April 2006. Kew again.  Posted by Picasa

21st April 2006 Kew. "Come in, come in....sorry about the mess...we had a bit of a do yesterday."  Posted by Picasa

17 April 2006

One of his mates. Same time, place, camera. Posted by Picasa

17th April 2006. Mandarin duck, Isabella plantation. The first with new camera (Nikon D50, 55-200mm lens, no other details). Shame his tail is cut off but otherwise I like him.  Posted by Picasa