30 May 2006


Lilbro pointed out to me yesterday that, aside from watering the garden and washing the car (the latter an activity I haven't indulged in for many moons), domestic use of water isn't actually "use" per se, but rather a process of mixing said water with various products, most of them admittedly somewhat unpleasant, before giving the water back to your local water company. Therefore, as a domestic user, one isn't in fact responsible for water shortages as there should be a return via the sewer that is roughtly equivalent to that supplied by your taps, albeit minus expiration and evaporation. This gives rise to the expression "bog off with your water meters and price rises, your drought and your FUD, and fix the leaks".

Freshen Up

Staying fresh - that's the difficulty. Seeking out new experiences and being alive to possibility, that is one of the most important challenges of life as one *cough* puts on a few years.

29 May 2006

29th May 2006. River Chess, Chorleywood - cute little hideaway.  Posted by Picasa

29th May 2006 Swarming bees, River Chess, Chorleywood.  Posted by Picasa


When the rain stops here there will be news about the last and next rounds of the photo competition.

In the (Bank Holiday) Mood

Another Bank Holiday here in UKplc so that means rain, and plenty of it. There is also, of course, a commensurate increase in the amount of moisture in the air owing to the fact that a drought has been mooted - the moment this came out of the woodwork precipitation on a momentous scale was guaranteed. "Ah but it is good for the garden." To which the correct reply is, of course, so is weeding....
So anyway, all this rain encourages indoors living and listening to old favourites, this morning being a George Thorogood retrospective, at least between my eardrums. "..snakeskin shoes baby put them on your feet, good time music with the popular beat...." Later druids.

28 May 2006


Google's page creator is quite a pleasant place to spend a few minutes though as I say over there, there doesn't seem to be much for me to do with it that I can't already do here. Time will tell I suppose.
Now, back to blogging lite.

14 May 2006


From the posts below you might be able to tell something about my mood at present. Mid-life crisis? Possibly. Miserable mardy old gittery? Definitely. I shall endeavour to post with a lighter touch from now on, although the way things are going a break might be a better bet. My apologies to both of you out there.

Digital Retardation

There are times when the net and the digital world in general seems to promise so much. When one is awake, however, the reality is different. Take Flash, for example, and the fact that for months it has never come up with any sound for me despite ..... oh well never mind, I've been to Macromedia's site (why oh why I ever thought that was a good idea is between me and my psychiatrist) and within nanoseconds lost the will to live. Do they now own Flash? Isn't this some sort of open source format / language? WTF do I know anyway. All I know is whenever I go anywhere there is a flash animation / film, I can't hear it. Probably Sony have mucked it up on my pc with their DRM (I have a Vaio), or MSFT don't like it, or it doesn't work in the UK, or it only works on Macs, or it doesn't like Sunday evenings, has a cold, has a mother who is unwell, has lost it's sense of humour or is just generally fed up with being bothered by people on the web. Whatever it is, I have recently stopped fixing things that don't work on my PC because it just isn't worth the effort. Scanner? Doesn't work. Printer? Doesn't work. Performancing for Firefox? Doesn't work properly (still using it but don't expect I shall be for much longer - formatting is borked, posting looks mostly unusual until I have fiddled around with it through the blogger site .... yada yada yada). Anyway, it is all pants at the moment and I can't be bothered with any of it. And it isn't just me. I have found my brother's blog and I know that he hasn't been posting on it in part because putting up pictures with Hello doesn't work.
Now I know that only ten years ago all this was but a gleam in somebody's eye and the miracles of etc etc but still, it seems that now no one creates anything that they can be bothered to make work all the time and in a simple manner. Google at least try this, but they are one of the few - other developers seem to think that a dozen extra features are better than reliability / familiarity. Why is this? No other industry works in this manner - i.e. making a product, launching it in beta, then fiddling with it so that it regularly breaks. Only in the electronics industry does nothing do what it says on the box.
I recently bought a little MP3 player for someone who is unwell and spending periods of time in hospital. Did it work? No. Not for a moment. Similarly the scanner and printer that were recently purchased - they worked for a week and now my computer doesn't "see" them. Reinstalling drivers etc fixes the problem for five minutes, then it recurs. And you know what? Life is too short to do that reinstallation once, let alone each time I want to print out a page of script or a picture. It would be quicker for me to find a swan, breed it with another one, wait for their signets (sp?) to grow up, wait for them to die of natural causes, for me to then take a large quill feather, make a quill and then start getting the ingredients together to make ink and then hand-write whatever it is I want to write in illuminated script on handmade paper than it would for me to fix my printer.
And don't get me started on wireless connections...

Morgellons Disease

Why is it that the madder and more delusional people are, the less likely they are to be able to spell / string a sentence together?

13th May 2006. Golden Pheasant, Kew.  Posted by Picasa

14th May 2006. At the V&A.  Posted by Picasa

12 May 2006

Apolitical Blogging

Sorry, I appear to have taken my eye off the ball and entered Apolitical territory as there hasn't been a good old political rant on here in ages - I shall try to do better at some point over this weekend, though friends are coming so it may be a case of blogging lite for a couple of days. Carry on marvelling at the most wondrous photos below in the meantime or, of course, feel free to go and wander round the interwebs. I myself am thinking a little trip to Secondlife might be overdue.

10 May 2006

UK vs Singapore

For the UK reader: Remember how, when younger, you used to mock the poor people of Singapore who, one heard, could be fined for spitting out chewing gum in the street? How that seemed the epitomy of authoritarian / PC attitudes gone mad (for some, anyway, myself not included - I never had that anti-chewing gum thing that you get nowadays with everyone saying how horrible the pavements look - I quite like the irregular blotches - they break up the monotony of the slabs, IMHO)? Well mock ye not, bozoz, for now leaving a wooden lolly stick on a wall in Manchester will cost you 75 sovs. according to this story from the beeb. Last week it was Wotsits in Luton. What next one wonders, what next.

10th May 2006. Richmond Park.  Posted by Picasa

10th May 2006. Embarassed Tony, roof of the British Museum.  Posted by Picasa

7 May 2006

7th May 2006. Again with the Sultan's Elephant. Sorry but he / she is just so photogenic.  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. Watching #2,  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. Still a bit sleepy.  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. Parking problems? Uh uh. Another reason for cyclists to feel smug.  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. "A big doll walking around London? I don't believe it."  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. Pall Mall again. Magnificent.  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. I haven't enjoyed an arts event so much for years. Girl asleep in St James' Park. Check out the big deckchair.  Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. Westminster Abbey. Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006 Another "Red" entry? Posted by Picasa

7th May 2006. Pall Mall.  Posted by Picasa

Performancing for Firefox

Trying out this tool again as both FF and Performancing have recently been upgraded (leading to all sorts of problems with FF sadly, but I'm sticking with it for the time being). I'm hoping the difficulties with repeated hanging don't recur.

6 May 2006

Official Winner - Photo Comp 2

Wahey! The result is in:

"I think there was no competition and the councilor’s husband WINS poor show from the sneaky SKY watching husband

From not amused


Thus the Councillor's husband romps home to 1st and thereby gets to keep his CD. On then, to "Red"...

Spam Update

Some spammers appear to be getting either desperate or bored: "Pasteboard U. Flatulent" isn't a name in my address book nor, I suspect, in many others.