20 June 2006

Spam highlights 20th June

Horst McCauley and Sadness M. Postmaster have both recently written but I've unfortunately mislayed their emails and can't remember if they were writing about improving my manhood or the fact that I've won a million Euros in a lottery I didn't enter. I may never know....

15 June 2006

Numa Numa

You have probably all seen this already but I hadn't - go on, treat yourselves - you will, I guarantee it, laugh if you haven't seen it before. If you have well hey, enjoy it again.

14 June 2006

Gitmo naughtiness

Those naughty terrorists - fancy hanging themselves in an act of aggression like that. Typical of your Muslim type of course, no sense of right and wrong, no commitment to the American ideals of torture, indefinite detention without tial, guilty until proven innocent and the fun afforded by a little light waterboarding. They'll be wanting access to lawyers next!

13 June 2006

Avian Few

There seems to be an ornithological theme emerging in my pics - ah but if I only had the same courage with humans....

Nights of Fire

I thought I'd had gout before. But oh baby I hadn't. The last few nights have been a lesson in pain management - how instructive it was, if a little tiring, to learn just how many ways a foot can hurt: fire inside the big toe joint, hypersensitivity over the top of the foot, cramping underneath, and little pins throughout - these are some of the ways. Unfortunately conversation with others became impossible at times as my concentration went and I had to retire to bed, wherein I lay, carefully avoiding the weight of the duvet landing on my foot and wondering if the pain could get worse. I imagine it can, but I don't want to find out - double-dose anti-inflammatories from the nice Dr Campbell seem to be going some way towards holding back the swelling / pain, and decisions now have to be made about future management of the condition. Ah me, the joys of ageing....
In other news, I've drawn Ecuador and Tunisia is the World Cup sweeps I've entered - yip-bloody-pee.

12th June 2006 Nr. St Mawes, Cornwall.  Posted by Picasa

12th June 2006. "What?!" Posted by Picasa

12th June 2006. "I see you baby, shakin' that ass..."  Posted by Picasa

12th June 2006 I hear you were bothering my cousin the other day?  Posted by Picasa

6 June 2006

Di Mortius Nil Nissi Bonum - Cave Canum!

Can't part with your dead pet? Well heck, of course you can't - that's why you're going to want to go to Summum to have Spot mummified. Who wouldn't, with prices starting as low as $4,000 (phone for a price on horses and heavier animals). Of course, you'll have to create a Spiritual Will:

Summum feels that all life has an essence that begins a journey upon the death of its body. The start of this journey signals the beginning of a transition to a new destination. To help make this transition easier for your pet, it is important and necessary that you compile and put into written form those things which you wish to have read to him or her while Summum conducts its Mummification and Transference. Your pet's essence will be fully aware of things going on and the Spiritual Will will play an important role during its Transference.

Quick, on you go! (via Boing Boing).

allofmp3 - time to stop?

Looks like it - the Beeb, amongst others, are reporting that it has been deemed to be illegal. First I've heard of it, I profess, so looks like it's time to hang up the connection. The sites gone slow tonight so perhaps others are checking it out for the first time. Where to go now, that is the question. Apple is out, of course, as are other overpriced sites and those that poison music with DRM. I don't want to go illegal so I suspect I shall just stop buying music altogether.

4 June 2006

"Audiences improve everything they touch"

Scoble is talking about blogging and why he does it, why he puts in what he does, and I think he's hit on something very important, very significant, in the following (bold mine):

Why do it then? Because audiences improve everything they touch. Our book is better because we showed it to you before we published it. My videos on Channel 9 are better because you're able to add your two cents onto the subject (or ask a question I forgot to ask). My friendships are better cause everyone in the world gets to see what I'm thinking and going through and we don't need to cover that stuff when we get together. Even my relationship with my wife is better. If I forget to take out the trash all she has to do is tell you and then I'll get heck about it from everyone. It's funny the personal feedback I get on all these topics.

So true. We all behave better in the light and bad things generally happen in the dark. It's way the media is controlled in times of war, it's why you don't get domestic violence in the pub, it's why alleyways and carparks are best avoided at night, and it's why transparency on the web, in government, in life is so important.

3rd June 2006. Living flame, Petersham Garden Centre.  Posted by Picasa

4th June 2006 Thames at Windsor.  Posted by Picasa

London Eye

31st May 2006 South Bank, Central London  Posted by Picasa

Turn off your firewall

Steve Knopper at Wired decides to see how quickly he can destroy a Dell (running Windows) with malware, spyware, virii and the like - makes for a very funny short article - money quote:

Day 10: I download Kazaa, search for .xxx, .gif, .rar, .pif, and .exe files, and open everything. My desktop is soon stuffed with pornography, MP3s in Arabic, and pirated copies of Tomb Raider. Within minutes, Explorer has a grand mal seizure – 95 pop-ups and innumerable error messages. Hah!

The World is Ending, Part IV

Throughout Glasgow, a city of little more than 1 million people,there are estimated to be more than 170 gangs, accounting for more than 2,000 hard-core members and numerous other hangers-on.Each roams the city fighting pitched battles with knives, clubs,bricks and bottles over graffiti-daubed streets in an epidemic of violence so widespread in the west of Scotland that one in six reported assaults involves a blade.

So writes hack Paul Kelbie in The Independent on Sunday, soon to be renamed the Mail / People Doppleganger on Sunday. It's all part of the British press's current mania about knives - worried that the public are bored with Iraq, they're looking elsewhere to spice things up and one of the places they go when desperate is to scare stories suggesting that your life is in danger if you step outside your front door in the UK. Elsewhere there is much verbiage about the house in the East End where the police are searching for a WMD that is seemingly proving as hard to find as the ones in Iraq were. And so the merry dance goes on.