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South Bank London

South Bank London

Car Crash Gerberas 2

Seat, Kew

Temple of Bellona, Kew

Car Crash Gerberas

More apologies

What for?

... and sometimes it doesn't

Sometimes the City appears friendly...

Fiery Eye

Blue National Theatre

"Aw ain't he cute!" dept.

English Bay Vancouver 10th October 2006

God versus reality

World Fame

Dave "I'm hard, me" Blunkett

More Airport Madness

Gestapo jokes: a new genre

Beta Blogger

Best Viewed Raw

English Bay Vancouver Oct. 2006

Blogging: Some Thoughts

OK, but they are ugly

We are being manipulated


Canadian co*k up

Tofino Time

Half mad, halfwit?

We are all terrorists now

Bears Now 2