30 December 2006


for the lack of posts - the weather has been a bit pantish and therefore few if any pictures have been taken. I shall be back with more in the New Year. Meanwhile you will no doubt have been fascinated to notice that I have posted slightly more frequently in 2006 than in 2005 - see stats, right> (you have to click on the little arrow to close up the tree and get the stats together).

19 December 2006

12 December 2006

South Court, Store Street 11th December 06

Tuesday: One All

On the plus side, the nice lady at Sainsbury's showed me how to open the new bags after you have taken them from the stand at the checkout, so the day hasn't been a complete waste of everybody's time. Less positively, Amazon continue to astound with their appalling service: just how long does it take to deliver a tiny pair of headphones? Weeks, apparently: order placed 27th November. Arrival? Erm, not yet. The fact that they have them down as weighing a kg might, of course, have something to do with it and may also explain why they are charging £5.00 for postage. The things in question? These:

I really am going to be shafted, of course, if they do weigh a key.

5 December 2006

Photoshop Layers

Layers. For a minute there I thought I had the hang of them but no, they've popped off out of my increasingly befuddled brain. Anyway, while they stayed I was able to complete the above, my interpretation of how the British Museum might look in a thousand years.

Aww ain't he cute? (title courtesy of MySpace etc etc)

1 December 2006

10,000 monkeys with typewriters

Perhaps if you read only one blog it should be Scott Adam's, the creator of Dilbert. Over 800 comments on one item (admittedly the HOC* Does God Exist? but still). Sigh.

*Hoary Old Chestnut.