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Powis Castle: Twee Gaussian Steps pic

Powis Castle: Man clubs Snake

Powis Castle: Traditional

Powis Castle: Fountain

Powis Castle: Dirty Daisy

I haven't ranted for a while so forgive me for this.

Swan, Kew

Kew Gardens

Haywood Gallery, Friday Night


Barf 2


Fire alarms - better safe than sorry

Sunday Afternoon in England

... and one more.

.... and another

Another Millenium Bridge pic

2 New Rules Learned Today

Igneous People 3

Igneous People 2

Igneous People 1

Warning: horrible experimental pic

Richmond Bridge, yesterday

Goose, Kew Gardens, today

Morris Dancer, Richmond, Yesterday

Monument for a Witness

South West Trains: It's the little things that show you (don't) care

One more from the bridge

More from Cornwall 7

More from Cornwall 6

More from Cornwall 5

More from Cornwall 4

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More from Cornwall

Unhappy Lifeguard