22 November 2007

No news would be better news

Why is the Kindle selling out news? Of course it has sold out - Amazon will have made sure of that by having less than ten available across America. Or thereabouts. Why oh why the BBC etc etc. We've been here a million times of course, but the corporation does seem to like a bit of product placement from time to time.

21 November 2007

You think you had a bad day at work?

23 years old and allowed to burn the personal details of 25 million people onto a couple of disks. He resigned today. Poor guy, what were his managers thinking allowing him that sort of data access in the first place?

19 November 2007

Photos shmotos

Poor weather, I'm afraid, dictates that you are to be disappointed if you are here for the World Press Photo of the Year contenders that I normally post. Maybe if the snow comes south....

Smartlinks #2

So, what exactly are smartlinks? I've no idea but they seem to require effort so I shall henceforth give up expecting anything from them. I suggest you do the same.

Atheism with a side order of safety net

If you don't believe in the big white beard in the sky BUT you believe the world is going down the pan because of man's inhumanity to man, does this mean that, on dying, God might take pity on you and open the pearlies a chink? I think not, but it is a thought.

10 November 2007

Old Gormley

Exotic Meat Night

So, fireworks with lilbro and the nephlets at the Boot, Chipperfield, tonight. Fire engine, stray rockets bouncing off the garden fences, an elderly couple falling off a table onto wet grass, and a fox in the road. All good, as people seem to say now. As for the Exotic Meat Night, possibly one I shall miss - roo steak? That'll be a pass.

6 November 2007


"Welcome to T-Mobile. The person you are calling isn't able to take your call at the moment. At the tone, you may leave a message. When you have finished, you may hang up (you know, that action you have done ever since you first used a phone but hadn't realised until now you needed reminding about every time you rang anyone? Come to that, we're surprised you've been able to operate a phone at all given that you are so obviously hard of thinking. While we're talking, and racking up your charges in a deceitful manner you are clearly too thick to notice, here's a few other pointers you might like to bear in mind: When leaving your message, try opening your mouth and making some noises - this is called language. It helps if the language you use is the same as the person for whom you are leaving a message, although of course it doesn't have to be their first language. When considering what to say, you will find that you can leave messages about many different things - press 9 to hear a list of suggestions). If you wish to change your message at any time, press 1 and we will keep you online for another forty five seconds or so before you are put through to the call answering service again. Thank you for your money. Beeeeep!

5 November 2007

Blimey! Google blogspot buggered!

Not sure what is going on but can't leave comments on my own blog (no, not in an attempt to make it appear more hugely popular that it obviously already is - one comment every 3 weeks currently - wahey! Eat your heart out BBC! - but in order to respond to the few comments that are actually left). It's always been a pain in the jacuzzi what with the choice of sign in methods, re-entering my blogger ID and password da da da ... on and on on I'm going. I shall shut up and go and watch some fireworks. Before I go, however, if you are the guy who left the comment for Oliver on my Bluepulse post (see, even the comments that are left are in the wrong place!), what I was going to say was "don't mention it".