31 December 2007

Happy New Year from MLVTJ

Pretty awful effort I'm afraid but a late night job. Better will follow.

Posting 364

Happy New Year to both of my readers. I shall try and scrape together another picture to end 2007 with to take the total number of posts to 365. Down on previous years, but one-a-day is at least a neat number to end on. See you after the jump.

17 December 2007

Every now and again the internet makes you go "wow" - this is another one of those times.

Just had a bit of a (albeit rather one-sided!) conversation with Robert Scoble via Qik, a service that enables you to stream video from your phone to the web. Very freaky, and very cool. Difficult to describe it here but imagine what this is going to go do to the news, TV, film... fantastic.

Petitioning the Gov.

Ian Cuddy has set up a petition to try and ensure that the Government and it's various representative bodies around the country have to notify you in the event of your data getting "lost":

The UK Government waited more than 10 days before telling Parliament and the Public it has accidentally lost sensitive personal details of 25 million individuals.

Under current US laws, the Government would have had to notify immediately.

The petition calls on the Prime Minister to place a legal duty on public and private sector organisations, so that affected customers are informed immediately if the security of their personal data has been compromised.

Individuals have a right to know straight away when this has occurred to protect against identify theft.

Mandatory notification would make organisations more careful and more accountable for the use of personal information.

I'm not sure about immediate notification - in the case of the 25 million records (!) from the CB office I think the Goverment was right to warn banks first so they could put extra measures in place. However, the idea of the data actually being yours in the first place, rather than the Government's, makes this a petition to support.

Want to know what the middle ages were like? Why not pop off to the middle east....

He's all heart!
How I'd love to live in Saudi: Prince Abdullah has graciously "pardoned" an 18 year old woman who was gang raped after being found in a car with a man who was not her relative. Subsequent to the gamg rape she was up in court:

In October 2006, a judge sentenced her to 90 lashes for being with the man -- a taboo in the conservative Muslim kingdom which imposes segregation of the sexes.

She appealed against the sentence but despite her ordeal the court ruled that her punishment should be increased to 200 lashes and a six-month jail term for reportedly speaking out about her case to the media.

Ah doesn't that make you glad to be British? We only honour this desolate, desperate disgusting kingdom by having her leaders to visit the Queen. Oil and armaments have nothing to do with it of course, we are simply friendly to them in the same way that we are to, say, Rwanda or Guatemala.

15 December 2007

More Music

You lucky monkeys! The Partridge is proud to present the future smash hit (once it has been slowed down a bit) "Madame Bovary". Enjoy.

13 December 2007

Death becomes us. Apparently.

Stone a man to death? Oh it doesn't matter, not if you live in the UK.

Up, down, round and round

Back-up hard drive dead (oh lordy, and all files in a mess - ah well). BUT allofmp3 back as mp3sparks.com (rubbish name but best site on the web virtually*) and now, BBC iPlayer (rubbish name etc). The latter first told me that it wouldn't play nicely with Firefox but, after going to read the pathetic excuse for why this was, I came back to the programme I wanted to watch (doc about George Melly) and bingo, the programme was running. And thus the web continues to surprise and entertain. Mind you, having said all that and other cliches, I'm not sure I'm going to go so far as to watch "Can Fat Teens Hunt?", although as tv programme titles go this is a goody.
Now, tomorrow, that is a different story - gas man allegedly coming between 8 and 1. I will give you 10-1 that he won't appear despite reassurances from the poor call centre serf.

*Although this doesn't stop one buying perhaps the worst album in a decade, LCD Soundsystem's Sound of S^^^e

10 December 2007

Pas de merde, Sherlock

Old polar bear found. Or rather, remains of polar bear that lived a while ago. And guess what, it was "possibly female" according to a Professor Ingolfsonn. Mm hmm. Thanks Prof - if not female, what do you think, possibly male?

1 December 2007

M, Soho