25 January 2007

Cornwall last year


A potential kiddie-fiddler and no doubt deeply unpleasant paedophile got let off incarceration today because the prisons are full. Expect The Sun to have a Hang the Home Sec headline tomorrow.

14 January 2007

Beautiful Citizens - No. 1 in a series

This delightful looking gentleman, Charles "Cully" Stimson, the (deep breath) "deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs" (dasodfda, or, perhaps, "da sod" for short) believes that Guantanamo inmates should be denied defence counsel. How so? Well he recommends a boycott of firms representing the remaining 395 detainees at Gitmo. Nice. Remember the face won't you? You'll probably be hearing a lot more from him when he heads up Halliburton or some other delightful company in the future.

10 January 2007


Hurrah: Looks nice. Keyboard clever (expanding letters when hit); I like the Minority Report-style resizing of pics on screen by use of your fingers (not much been made of this elsewhere); the diminishing size of the keys as you dial a number is very clever, as is the sliding scroll to activate the touchpad; and I love the accelerometer (is that right?) to automatically put pics in landscape.
Boo Sucks Possible screen problems? Price: though it is beautiful, paying for a phone isn't the European way where they come *cough* free *cough* with a contract. Lack of something "new" - there is nothing novel about a call cutting off your music if you use Sony Ericsson and other phones have the same if not more functionality and go up to 3G of course.
On balance? It's beautiful but the six months to a year before getting out of the starting gates and into greasy mitts means that the competition is going to be v. stiff indeed once it is out there.

9 January 2007

Car Rental Misery, part 814

"A standard airport surcharge of Euro € 25 will be added to the cost when you pick up your car from Galway Airport."

Ah, Budget, you have to love 'em. Still, 25 fecking euro is only approx. a 40% increase on the amount they say you will pay before you click on the page confirming your booking. I love Ireland, I love renting cars, and I really love the wonderful people that call themselves "Budget". They are "Budget" in the same way that "diamond hard" applies to a baby jellyfish.
Update: All of the above somewhat undermined by yours truly booking the car at Galway and then flying in to Knock. The kind (but obviously wealthy) folk at the Baby Jellyfish concession stand changed over the booking without so much as a whisper of "what an idiot".

3 January 2007

Petit Chef

Adieu, Little Chef, and thanks for all the breakfasts. I think it was your coffee what done for you.

1 January 2007


the watchwords for 2007, at least according to my resolutions, are change and optimism.

New Year's Day, Kew, 2007

Not the best ever picture, of course, but then consider the circumstances, the aforementioned lack of sleep being the primary factor in the lack of a decent image today. I will, of course, do better soon.

On New Year's Day

Maybe today isn't the time to be trying to do things. Four hours sleep isn't the best preparation. However, I thought it worth noting that all the following programmes have one thing in common. First, the programmes: Media Monkey, Real Player, and Windows Media Player. Now, the commonality: none of them work. Aside from the fact that Realplayer is like a software version of an oil tanker and takes hours to go from one operation to another, and aside from the fact that WMP cannot ever be removed once it is installed (honestly - see earlier Mrs Lemon's postings about this), none of these programmes are able to burn a CD. Realplayer managed it yesterday but can't today. MM takes 48 hours to prepare the tracks for burning and then ejects the disc without actually burning it, while WMP is, of course, just rubbish and, when "burn disc" is clicked says "there is no media on the disc" (well doh). Ah well. Perhaps the software feels as bad as I do today.