28 February 2007

10 Overrated Things

1. Marks and Spencer food.
2. Sunbathing.
3. Cycling.
4. European bread.
5. American coffee.
6. Lord of the Rings.
7. Breakfast in bed.
8. Baths (showers are OK, I should add).
9. Big fluffy towels.
10. Those freshly cooked donuts at Glastonbury.

27 February 2007

Ol' Father Thames again I'm afraid

This is the modern world (2)

It has recently occurred to me (and no doubt to others before me, but bear with it) that our dear Tone, God love 'im, would ideally like us all to live in an airport, departure-side. Once there you are photographed, you have several forms of ID with you, you spend money like water in a selection of mundane and uniform shops and cafes, you are unable to get drunk or dance, the security services know your every move, nothing surprising is going to happen, and you're not allowed to bring your own liquids. You've been pointlessly frisked and are generally considered guilty until proven innocent. The authorities do their best to keep you vaguely intimidated and advertising lies ("save on the high street price") are everywhere. Welcome, my friend, to Blairland.

This is the modern world (1)

I don't mind a little bit of Howard Jacobson, the Independent's clever but dull commentator on all things "harrumph", but I do take issue with his recent statement pertaining to the use of iPods and their role in the creation of unhappiness in children. He advises that they, children, would be better off "if they didn't blot out the music of humanity with their iPods". There speaks a man who never takes the train. Mundane mobile chat, admonishments about having the correct ticket and apologies for the usual appalling service on SouthWest Trains do not a cultured and rounded human make Mr J - try it once in a while - it's a whole new and really rather horrible world.

25 February 2007

boing boing jumping the shark?

While some of the stories are still great and I like the politics, the advertising over at boingboing is getting too much. Rupe Murdoch and Starbucks both have a major presence and today there's an advert, masquerading as an article, for a Deep Heat-style body rub - no one is that enthusiastic about a product they might use once a year at most are they? Not unless The Shill has a say surely?

22 February 2007


Which lowers your IQ more do you think: ownership of a pitbull or a facial tattoo?

Time to stop driving?

Maybe it is me but I think there might be some form of mental ill health manifest in a man in his dressing gown at 20:10 hrs coming out his front door and saying that 4 feet of maneuvering room isn't enough to get out his 5 feet long two-person Smart car.

18 February 2007

Shops 1, dubdubdub 0

No more buying on the interwebs for me I fear. Downloading, of course, but solids, no. Now been waiting a week for two batteries from here. C'mon guys, it just shouldn't take that long, not if you want any repeat custom. The headphones alluded to above, btw, never did arrive...

T Mobile

Great site guys - unfortunately I don't have an enigma encryption machine and can't remember the 17,000 small details necesary to get into your fort knox web space. Wrong font? Too many spaces? Wrong postcode format? Too many vowels? What's my favourite FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO USE THE SITE TO END MY SODDING CONTRACT AS SOON AS i CAN. Thank you.

Dancemania with Daft Punk

The world needs more of this.

8 February 2007

Oh no, weather!

I like the fact that here in the UK we have given up pretending we are not rubbish and have taken to announcing school closures and travel chaos (step forward for a special award, South West Trains) before "bad" weather (5cm of snow) has even got here. What next, pre-match apologies from our cricket team?

6 February 2007

Vista versa

Anyone else with automatic updates switched on noticed a terrible slowing of their XP-running system since the launch of Vista?