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More watering

More Gormley

Speaking of flag-poles .... one secret

Phil the Greek, the fox, and the flagpole

Following a furore about a fox that was allegedly beaten to death with a flagpole during a hunt in which our esteemed leader's husband apparently took part, Mark McGowan is to try and highlight the monstrosity that is hunting:

A performance artist says he will eat a corgi live on a London radio show in protest at a hunt led by Prince Philip.

That is, the corgi will be dead (although dear Phil doesn't mind that foxes are torn apart with teeth whilst still alive), having died of natural causes. More power, of course, to Mr McGowan.

Goodbye Susan

We're going to miss you.

Uluru (or is it Northolt?)

Model of Piazza Poppolo?

Going for that "tiny model city" effect.

Countries not to live in no. 12: Russia

Ooh they love their dictators and their bigots over there don't they? Why is this? clipped from Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov has called homosexuality "satanic" and says he will never allow gay rights parades in Russia's capital.


Falkland Arms


Chocolate Box


Was going to go to the Gormley show tonight but I was told at the door that photography is not allowed. I didn't ask why but wish I had. Is it because it might disturb the ambiance? Maybe. Or he doesn't want millions of duff pics floating about (see below for examples)? I really would be interested to know and will see if I can find out why this is the case. I mean, no flash maybe, but why no pics otherwise?

South Bank again

South Bank #742


Welcome to what tv must have been like in the 1940s. Stutter, crash, stutter, crash, final freeze, switch off and wonder why you bothered. Maybe it will work in a few years. In the meantime that uninstall option is your friend.


Remember when it made a difference? Well, sayonara. It's been dialup speed for months now. No idea why and really can't be bothered to work out the problem.

Flickr: Here's the deal

You post some pics. You then look at some other peoples work, post a lot of comments saying how good other pics are and they then do the same for you. Ad infinitum.
The above is the same recipe for virtually all web 2.0 sites as far as I can see. But then that isn't very far these days what with the macular degeneration.

Accordionist, Kew


Flickr: Someone sensible talking at last

Mr Jaded at Flickr makes some marvelous points in a discussion over whether photographing London is becoming illegal:

I believe that Blind Acceptance should be a punishable offence....

The fact that we let the parentally-abused children, who were unpopular and, more often than not, bullied at school run the country (because we simply can't be bothered to do it ourselves) doesn't mean we have to do what they say. Far from it.


Personally I'm looking forward to the unrest and the riots and the eventual reformation - assuming the bird flu doesn't get us all first...

A couple of points - the post begins with someone describing their experience of talking to a couple of woodenheads from the British Transport Police whom he asks if he may photograph Paddington Station - guess what? You'll never believe it - they said no. It would have been nice, but of course a complete waste of time, to then force them to sit in front of a Google image search of the term "Padding…

Bev and Angel's wedding

West Dean College again

West Dean College

Me No Understand

Everyone knows the BBCs videos don't play, stutter, crash and generally fail every last test demanded of them. So why (oh why etc) do they think they can get people interested in a "catch up" service offering programmes etc as downloads?


So, for the fourth time in the last couple of months I found myself talking to the police at the end of a days (day's?) work. I walk down Kingsway in the West End every evening and recently I have started to come across an adult (3 times a man, once a lady, to kick-start a new song) begging with a child. This is something I don't like. I don't mind people begging, selling the Big Issue, giving away papers etc - each to their own and so on - but dragging children into it is, in my increasingly old-gittish book, a no-no. Hence I'll report it each time. What next, though, that is the question: clearly for whatever reason reporting it to the police isn't having the desired effect. My money is on bending down with a wide angle lens inches from the adult's face, popping the flash and telling him I'm off to the police station forthwith. Hopefully he'll bog off sharpish never to return, though of course there is always the possibility he'll whip out a knife…

Gormley at the Haywood 2

Gormley at the Haywood 1

You might be seeing a lot of these type pics over coming weeks...