30 September 2007


On Stephen Fry's blog you get erudite essays on the meaning of fame and the best comment thread this side of the Atlantic. Here, pictures of a cat. You decide.


26 September 2007

From Charing X Bridge

To be honest, this is a bit craptastic isn't it? Well never mind - I am going to keep on trying. Recently, despite the little intro to Mrs Lemon's to the right, I have been picture posting rather than ranting, something I am sure both of you are rather relieved by, if that isn't to mangle my grammar too comprehensively.

From Charing X Bridge

24 September 2007

too late for uncle Patsy to dance like this but oh, how he wishes he could...


[Firefox and Stumbleupon toolbar possibly needed - you tell me].

15 September 2007


Failed Almond Crop, Sierra Nevada, Spain

Xativa, Spain

Prickly Pears, Sierra Nevada, Spain

Cazorla, Spain



Xativa, Spain

Sierra Nevada



Ubeda, Andalucia


2 September 2007

An old lament, revisited.

Does anyone know how to find a hotel on the web if you don't know their web address? I don't want to visit a site that offers me GREAT! OFFERS! ON BILLIONS OF HOTEL! ROOMS!!!!!!!!!!. Please, eff off and die if you own a site like this. What I want when I type in "Melia Plaza Hotel, Valencia" is the website for the hotel. Mind you, of course, if the hotel itself can't be arsed to make sure it is at least on the first page of Google then it deserves to be represented on the web by charlatans and hustlers.


Welcome to Mrs Lemon's: Sic transit gloria mundi.

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Something of an online zibaldone, albeit not on Tumblr where one might otherwise expect to find such things, "Mrs Lemon's Visit to Japan" takes its name from a poster seen in Cornwall advertising a talk at the local Women's Institute. I hope there is something here you like.

NB If you go back in time far enough on here some of the photos start to disappear - not sure why. Whatever is happening with the missing pictures, apologies.



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