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Winter Walk in the Park

White Ash Pond, Richmond Park, London

Now with added breath

Horse Riders by Moonlight, White Ash Pond, Richmond Park, London

Post Stats: Some Random Jottings

Sale Items

Elephants Die Earlier in Zoos

British terrsts in India? Marvellous.

A comment from BoingBoing

Photo in media 2

Photo in media 1


Crows, posts, sunrise, water

Here's another: As Anaconda Sees It: Lunch in the Park

Oh go on then, here's one called "Birds now"

"Am I Normal"


Cupla Questions while I can still afford an Internet Connection

Let us try again shall we?

"The end of the boom / bust cycle" Ha ha. Hardy ha ha.


Freedom is meant to be frightening

Lily, Edinburgh Botanic Garden

Olympics, Trafalgar Square

AOL - an attempt at killing my account


Everything is justified......

Screaming Caged Can Boy

On the Road

Don't Think Twice

This is my Boom Stick

Chiselled Looks

Amy is at the Door


Light and Shade, Soho, London


London, Saturday 2

London, Saturday


Holi, India, 1993

Zanzibar tattoo

Let me introduce my mother...

My Father

The Lowry Centre, Manchester

Manchester: Where is everybody?

Blessed are they.... b&w

Blessed are they.... colour

Colombia Road 2

Colombia Road

Garage Sandwiches

Kew Sunset

New Glasses

Dog Tired*

View from the commute

Sick of weed

cool to have feet like this (and, of course, a brain the size of a pea that doesn't require DEALING WITH)

Then again, here's another take....

Hadrian's lover Antinous as Osiris

Kew Gardens again

Kew Gardens

Illegal (though morally understandable) Filesharing

Sth Bank

Shopping Mistake Horror

Witcha ill behaviour

New You! Magazine headline

On getting married

N95: The Ugly Truth

FireFox - started a course of mogadon?

Loud, Souless Marketing Shed