23 February 2008

Crescent Moon, Peak District

Kew Gardens

London Sunset 2 (without the blur)

London Sunset

KSA: Tourism Takes a New Hit

I have no time for Saudi Arabia of course (any decent human etc), and news that they are to execute an illiterate woman with learning difficulties on the basis that (a) some bloke somewhere claims she made him impotent; and (b) she was tortured by the religious police into "signing" (by fingerprint) a confession beaten out of her, comes as no surprise. In response someone calling themselves The American Muslim has set up a petition to try and stop this evil. It's only one case of thousands from that horrible country, but you should really sign up here nonetheless.

16 February 2008

Embankment cameraphone nonsense

Taken with the really rather rubbish K800i cameraphone - next time, I'm going for the phone that does music and then photos rather than the phone that pretends to do photos then music.

Soho Cameraphone nonsense 3: Missing Kitten Please Help

Not sure this is the real McCoy. No telephone number. "Mommy". Correctly placed apostrophe.... mmm, I smell a kipper. Or something.

Soho Cameraphone nonsense 2

Soho Cameraphone nonsense 1

I went here today, or at least I found the magazine at the Photographer's Gallery in London, and was very inspired. So much so that I took this set of pictures with my K800i Pieceo'Sh*teTM. Not masterpieces, but Street Dahling, Street! (BTW this first picture isn't wholly without artifice). I know the subject isn't pretty but it is Soho, at least to my mind. Or, at least, part of Soho.
Also inspiring me was a visit to Cuts in Frith street for a rug rethink. I was lucky enough to be handed a disposable black and white (400ASA Ilford) camera and told about a project the photographer's gallery are organising called Waiting Time. Essentially, staff at Cuts sometimes run late and one is left to mooch about Soho, get a coffee, read a paper, whatever. So, the idea is that customers are given a camera to record their views of Soho during a typical waiting time (10 minutes or so). So off I went - these pictures here (on the phone) were in addition to the disposable ones. I'll keep both of you posted if I hear any more about the project from the gallery.

Fog, Old Deer Park

12 February 2008

Lincolns Inn, lunchtime in the springlike sunshine

Admittedly more than a bit pedestrian but hey, it was sunny, the sky was blue and I was feeling like spring was stirring and that has to be worth something, right?