16 March 2008

hdr at the Natural History Museum

A slightly better effort than those of the recent past I think - more sharpening applied which helped (although overall quality probably adversely affected as a result). I think Mr Ruskin might have approved.

Inspiring Pictures

Many thanks to Judith Dahmen for her help and inspiration today - do check out her pictures here and, if you can, get along to the Inn at Kew Gardens, a great pub / hotel / restaurant where she has a stunning exhibition of her work.

Wounded Angel by Emily Young

I've posted similar before but I thought the sculpture so beautiful that it could stand a few re-shoots.

Kew Gardens

It was freezing, wet and a bit miserable here today, but still Kew had a melancholy charm.

Temperate House, Kew

Kew Gardens

So, the background needs burning in a bit and it doesn't quite capture the melancholy I was trying for but not too bad an effort. It involves a fake infrared-effect layer overlaying an undersaturated background layer, both with varying degrees of opacity. Layers, you see - I'm slowly getting there. Raster, vector, adjustment? I have no idea about the meaning of these yet but I'm working on on it, I'm working on it!