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Commuters, Waterloo, 8.30 a.m.

Don't believe anyone

Old Deer Park, Richmond

Richmond Lock

Twickenham Bridge

off the deep end

Through the skylight to the snow

Self Portrait

Because I live in England and it is Easter (aka Four Sundays in a Row, or, perhaps, Four Sundays and a Row), the weather could not be worse and we are all marooned indoors. Hence I present to you for your delight and delectation, moi dans noir et blanc.

hdr at the Natural History Museum

A slightly better effort than those of the recent past I think - more sharpening applied which helped (although overall quality probably adversely affected as a result). I think Mr Ruskin might have approved.

Wounded Angel by Emily Young

I've posted similar before but I thought the sculpture so beautiful that it could stand a few re-shoots.

Kew Gardens

It was freezing, wet and a bit miserable here today, but still Kew had a melancholy charm.

Temperate House, Kew

Kew Gardens

So, the background needs burning in a bit and it doesn't quite capture the melancholy I was trying for but not too bad an effort. It involves a fake infrared-effect layer overlaying an undersaturated background layer, both with varying degrees of opacity. Layers, you see - I'm slowly getting there. Raster, vector, adjustment? I have no idea about the meaning of these yet but I'm working on on it, I'm working on it!


Sunset, Richmond

Thames, Richmond

I'm tempted to delete this one but it's hanging in there for the time being.

Thames, Richmond

Heron mid-flight


Heron cheering because she was born free while all about her humanity is in chains

Another one


Cave Dale, Peak District

1st warm lunchtime of the year

Kites again

The Rules of Broadstairs

Smoker's Chair, Broadstairs, Kent

Sea, Whitstable

British Family at Play

Groynes, Whitstable

Kites, Whitstable 2