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What we sometimes do to one another

Oh Lordy

Tin Ears?

Twine: A Work in Progress


Benches, Kew Gardens

My Eyes - courtesy of today's eye exam

Empty Benches in the Sun


Depressed Moorhen 2

Depressed Moorhen

Florentine sunset

Photography as Art

Buddha, Ashmolean, Oxford


Four Pints

The Heffalump Comment



Somerset House

My Bedside Table

The Women of World War II: Memorial, Whitehall

'ello 'ello.....

Earl Haig's Hoss, Whitehall

Nice Ass (!)

The War Against Terror (TWAT): Downing Street

London Marathon Supporters

Hey, listen, it is my first attempt so stop laughing at the back

Shedding light on China

World gone White

Winter redux

From sunny Firenze to this...

View across the Arno towards the Uffizi

Florence from San Miniato

Typical scene in Florence


Campanile, Florence, HDR

The Duomo, Florence

d. aged 82

There are worse places to die