23 May 2008

Locked forever in his heart

If you can't be arsed to click through to see the large size, etched onto the padlock is "Principessa I will always love you" and it is signed "Schultz".
I hope this catches on - I was imagining tens of thousands of these attached to Charing Cross bridge, so many that the structure itself threatens to collapse into the Thames under the weight of all that LOVE...

Prince Albert Memorial, Hyde Park

Public seating once more (yay!) - Hyde Park this time

Sitting ist verboten.

18 May 2008


Lily, b and w

Lily, colour

Get new Gmail! Now even worse!

OK hand that feeds and so on but why (oh why etc) is Gmail now slower than it used to be with a loading bar running before the page appears? This didn't used to happen (pardon the grammar). Some sort of upgrade? It has improved on my phone though, and maybe the two phenomena are connected in some way?
Anyway, I'm off out for a coffee and some freezing spring air.

13 May 2008

You can, I think, tell it was taken with a film camera

Taken using an old FM2 and some black and white film (sorry - can't remember brand of film). A number of points of note:
1. The prints, straight from the chemists are, without exception, awful - terrible lack of contrast and flat as pancakes.
2. It is nice to use a lens with depth of field again - this taken with an 85mm f2.8 - very old (second hand when I bought it about 17 years ago) but still, I think, producing nice results.
3. Perhaps a combination of digital for post-processing and film for the original exposure is the way to go?

1 May 2008

All of MP3 dot com: По-русски

Ah how the mighty have fallen. Used to be that this site (now mp3sparks.com) was the DBs when it came to getting reasonably priced music on the web (see Mrs Lemon's passim). Now, sadly, it takes me back to dial-up / 28kps days, and this with what is supposed to be an internet connection at this end that is one of the best BT has to offer ("oh yes sir, you should be getting up to 8 mbps" - yeah, as they say, right). Ah well, there is only a couple of dollars left on my account there so, unless and until the Russian mafia snaffle my card details I think overall the service has provided good value (may it RIP).

M, Soho