25 October 2008

Photo in media 2

Meanwhile, this was published in the Richmond and Twickenham Times this week. No payment for any pics published yet, but maybe that will come at some point in the future.

Photo in media 1

This pic appeared in the Guardian magazine last weekend:

14 October 2008

Crows, posts, sunrise, water

Here's another: As Anaconda Sees It: Lunch in the Park

Oh go on then, here's one called "Birds now"

"Am I Normal"

is coming on to Radio 4 in a moment. The radio is being retuned to Verandah FM, or some such, so that a bit of bluegrass can entertain. Whilst listening to this I shall ponder why everyone appears so worried by falling house prices when this is something that is clearly long overdue.


Isn't it time they were raised, and top tier ones the most? "Oh but the richest will leave the country". Well that would be a marvellous result - they can take their CDS's with them.

13 October 2008

Cupla Questions while I can still afford an Internet Connection

1. Why was Lloyds encouraged to buy HBOS when all the time Lloyds itself was short of funds?
2. Why is it a good thing for lending levels (aka debt) to be "boosted" to 2007 levels? Wasn't lending what caused the recessionary problems in the first place?

5 October 2008

Let us try again shall we?

File formats - blogger doesn't like TIFFS - ah well, when I can sort this out I will. In the meantime, try not to fret too much about what you are missing - you can always go to Flickr and see my pictures there in any case.

M, Soho