28 December 2008

White Ash Pond, Richmond Park, London

Now with added breath

And, OK, their breath wasn't backlit but again,WTH.

Horse Riders by Moonlight, White Ash Pond, Richmond Park, London

OK, so not really by moonlight, in fact by the light of the setting sun, but what the hell.

Post Stats: Some Random Jottings

So, this then is how blogging ends, not with a bang but a whimper. A slow decline in the number of posts to Mrs Lemon's perhaps marks the beginning of the end. 312 so far in 2008, the lowest number yet. And, of course, very few photos overall this year. A poor effort, then, and I must do better soon or admit defeat. Lack of a readership remains a problem (greetings, though, to Mr A - your presence is most welcome) and, unless this situation is rectified, I fear Mrs Lemon may head for the long grass, never to be heard from again except by those with the inclination to visit the Wayback Machine.

Sale Items

Seems like if I want to buy a shoddy toaster that will last a fortnight, now is the time. However, if I'd like a D700 (and who in their right mind would not?), no price cut. Ah well, that's life.

11 December 2008

Elephants Die Earlier in Zoos

or so the BBC are telling us as "news". What next, bears curl one off amongst the trees?
(I do apologise - it's been a bit of a day).

M, Soho