31 March 2009

What happens when the god botherers take over completely

Over on teh grauniad we have a story about how things are worse under Karzai than they were under the Taliban over in that bowl of freedom and fun, Afghanistan. Apparently rape inside marriage is legal and women can't go outdoors without their husband's permission. Marvellous. How glad I am that we are doing such a good job of sorting it all out.
Someone ought to point out to Broon and Obama that Vietnam and Afghanistan share more than a similar sound.

30 March 2009

Rescued Cow

The cow at the back was rescued after getting stuck in a bog for a couple of days out in the west of Ireland. I tried to help get it out with a rope with some of the farmers over there but it was hopeless and it took a tractor in the end.

The Gageby's final resting place, Clifden, Co. Galway

26 March 2009

Midlife learning

1. If there were a god, the hours spent in the Serengeti watching cheetahs stalk gazelles while the sun sets in the background would outweigh those spent going out into the pissing rain to get toilet roll by 5000 to 1, not the other way around.
2. You don't need to read oven cooking instructions on ready meals. Chuck it in, turn it on and check on it later.
3. You don't need to change the settings on your washing machine - chose D, 40 degrees for everything - it'll be fine.
4. Cars don't need services.*


24 March 2009

22 March 2009

Car Hire

So, I've hired a car from a company at Shannon airport for a weekend in Ireland next weekend. I've been quoted £40 and have paid by credit card. Next step, the actual cost - my money is on it being approx. £112.00 all in - anyone else care to guess what the true cost will be?

10 March 2009

TRC day whatever

Well now, here we have a little spike of 5% caused by good news at Citigroup, in the main. I'm probably wanting to see bad news everywhere (I mean, I read the Guardian, right?), but isn't this a bit of an overreaction to the results of one company?

9 March 2009

Listening to

and reading about Grace Slick, it is hard not to be struck by just how mundane one's life can appear.

8 March 2009

When I waked, I cried to dream again

“If they’re dead, they ought to be buried.”

Lawks. Here I am agreeing with Republicans. How times are changing.[They're talking about the zombie banks, btw].

UK economy explained

"The UK economy has become dependent on retailing (debt), government spending (debt) and financial services (debt provision). It is the Norwegian Blue of the G20 economies."

I am indebted (!) to belucky who is commenting on an economics story in the Observer for the above. I'd only add that the other part of the equation is house price inflation [debt (mortgages) + "imaginary" assets = plain old debt]. When you add a minus to a minus to a minus to another minus, unfortunately you still get another minus.

Dog Tired #2

7 March 2009

News Addiction

I have become addicted to the news, especially the financial news. I want more things to happen, all the time. Any advice on how to prevent this getting out of hand gratefully received.

That "difficult" 2nd album


Lloyds - owned by the UK taxpayer. That's it - we're reaching the end game now. And the government demanding that they lend? Madness.
Oh, and was in pub in London today and the barman asked for £9.70 for a glass of wine without laughing. As I say, we're approaching the end now.
Meanwhile, Claire's Accessories apparently owes $2 billion. Sorry, yes, I'll repeat that: Claire's Accessories owes $2,000,000,000. Claire's Accessories?! Well, according to the NYT, yep, they do. Unbelievable.
Also, over in Ireland, RTE is asking it's stars to take a 10% pay cut to help them out with their deficit.

5 March 2009


OK, so things are speeding up now:
1. General Motors - gone in all but name.
2. FTSE - closed down 3.18% on the day the BoE cut the base rate again, this time to 0.5% - no more room for manouvre there so.....
3. Announcement of Quantitive Easing - effectively, stuffing more money into the banks' gargantuan maw.
4. DOW - currently down over 4%.

Interestingly I was listening to an explanation by Vince Cable as to why he thinks the global economy has gone to pot and he was talking about "euphoria" - that is to say, in a bull market people believe that they can't lose and start misjudging risk, minimising it and believing Gordy's "end of boom and bust". I've got to wondering if there is a similar sentiment in mirror form during a bear market - rather like a bi-polar patient in the trough of despair. Which may mean things aren't as bad as they appear. Mmmm, well, time will tell.

Album Art 2

Lo-fi indie perhaps?

4 March 2009

Mount Inderbitzen: The infinite to the finite

The Guardian has a fun entry on a game whereby you design your own album cover - name of band, name of album, artwork all randomly generated.
German nu-metal I reckon.

2 March 2009


FTSE down 5.33% today. Dow not closed yet - currently at -3.28%. Oh, and AIG given $30 billion more today.
If this is the End Time well there are going to be billions of poor people around the world who might, y'know, benefit in the long run. I doubt it of course, human history being what it is, but if you lived in Lesotho and knew what was going on in the industrialised world you might crack a smile.

UPDATE: It isn't beyond the realms of possibility that a number of countries (Ireland? Hungary?) are going to ask the IMF for cash in the next few days / weeks. I just wonder though, where the IMF gets its money from?

M, Soho