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Future Gardens, St Albans, Herts


Is there anyone left in the world who hasn't made a documentary about lithium production in Bolivia? For the love of god, we know they have a lot - good luck to them with it, they could do with a break. Now, isn't there something else to talk about?

Physiology Major

Every so often (more and more as it happens, but we'll let that pass) I get swelling around my upper or lower lip. I believe it is a food allergy, possibly yeast*, but it is happening with increasing frequency so today I thought I'd look up what other possible causes there could be. To this end, I am grateful to the Wellcare Site for this incisive and helpful pointer:

"One can easily differentiate between the Upper (Labium superiors) and lower lip (Labium inferioris). The lower lip is somewhat larger."

Apparently you need a degree in Yin-Yangery to be able to spot this, though with years of practice I reckon most people could achieve a better-than-50-50 result if they studied hard enough.

*When I was a kid, my father used to work in the Flour Milling and Baking Research Association in Chorleywood and as such he was partially responsible for developing the Chorleywood Process, used in the creation of the plasticky white bread that, at times, we all have a yearning for, …

Well now...

I am currently operating both a Mac and a PC at home and therefore see this blog on both from time to time. What is striking is how much better the pictures look on the Mac. Shiny, rich, alive. The old Vaio makes them look washed out and anaemic. I don't know if there is much I can do about this but it is a shame that the pictures are not going to come across as well to the 93% of the population that use PCs and not Macs. Perhaps I can jigger with the colour space or something - I will have to look into it.
FWIW, the Mac remains annoying from the "old dog / new tricks" aspect, but I am speeding up on it. The most annoying aspects remaining at the moment are the absence of a maximise button and the lack of an option to resize a picture (and keep the original)at the right-click of a mouse. Other factors (processor speed, portability, shut down and start up speeds) are great, although I don't know how much they are due to a change of OS and how much they owe to the fact…


Taken today at Future Gardens near St Albans in Hertfordshire. I do apologise for the glowing hands - I'm not sure what went on there. Anyway, note that this is one of the AM models that does not, sadly for him, have the realistic hair (which, btw, was only realistic in the sense that it was nylon and therefore recognisable as hair only if your mane is as dry as my own).

British Museum, Monday 17th August 2009

Well the machine may be faster at processing images, but the idiot using it isn't - this took so long I gave up half way through .... enjoy!

Taken at the British Museum today. Not really that dark or that yellow (although there was a twinge of the latter to the page) but I can't fine tune on this machine yet. I'm trying to come to term with Capture NX2 as well - if there is a more poorly designed piece of software (anything by Sony excepted of course), I've yet to come across it.

Mac vs. PC

First impressions (I am a new macbook owner) are not so good. Smooth looking, sleek and fast, yep, but here are the annoyances:
1. The @ key - why is it up there and not down where it should be?
2. WTF is a disk image? And where do the programmes go? Why don't they stay on the task bar where I put them?
3. "Oh macs, they are so intuitive" you hear the fanboys eulogise. Then in that case why in the name of Steve Jobs doesn't my machine recognise my camera? @You have to tell it to start a programme when you plug it in@ - well I did that and it worked yesterday but not today - do I have to do this every time?
4. And what is it with the maximise button? The screen is small enough as it is without all the acreage given to the icons at the bottom and then the windows I want to maximise instead going to about a quarter size and then back again? 'Oh but it chooses how much window you need to see' - well thanks but I'd like to be the judge of that.
5. Forward del…

Tumbling, St Thomas'

South Bank, London

Cool shoes.

Villiers Street, London

Check out the large version. Taken at 2500 ISO - marvellous.

South Bank, London

Colombia Road Flower Market

I love this shot - taken this morning as the sun was starting to warm up the day. I'd just thrown a couple of mugs of tea all over a cafe / the paper / our chairs, so it wasn't an auspicious start but I needn't have worried, the day turned out good in the end.

Miracle @ Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Not the world's greatest pic but I posted it because I'm still thinking the D700 / Nikon sensors turn greens slightly yellow - what does anyone else think?

Kew Gardens

Looks a bit autumnal but see post above.

South Bank

Acetate I think he said, South Bank


Shot Rationale:

Competition - theme: colour. Closing date for entries: End of August.


Too many steps to document. Not yet finished either as the "brown" is a bit manky and the "C" needs work; nonetheless, it is getting there.


Published Author 2

Here we are - the article, or at least the basis for it - now you don't have to buy the magazine (just kidding - BUY IT ALREADY!):

The Amateur’s Raison D’ĂȘtre.

The other day I read an article that suggested a typical front page story in National Geographic is accompanied by 16 photographs. I also read that, before digital came along, the same stories would have involved the photographer concerned taking an average of 650 … wait for it … 650 rolls of film. Assuming 36 shots per roll that’s 23,400 pictures. For one story. Goodness knows what the total is for those photographers today who might be using digital equipment - one suspects it is likely to be considerably higher.

The same article suggested that the official U.S. Presidential Photographer takes, on average, 700 shots a day. If we assume a few days off on holiday and at weekends, some private time for the Obama family, and some time to spend actually processing those same 700 pictures, that’s still maybe 200,000 shots a year.…

The White *&%%&%^,



Don't mess with the badgers

If you click through, you will see that it actually is in focus. This often applies to pics on here....).