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Off to Delft in the morning, Eurostar willing. I am imagining:
1. Canals.
2. Snow and ice.
3. Hot chocolate.
4. Stylish stationery, including, hopefully, the coolest, most organising 2010 Diary the world has ever seen.
5. Early darkness.
6. Ice skating.
7. Photos like Bruegal (sp?) paintings.
8. A new bag from the nice bag shop in Amsterdam.
9. A somewhat boring and depressing Monday when everything will be closed.
10. One late night (tomorrow).
11. A glut of episodes of The Wire.

Bicycles, Ruthin

I don't know why, but I like this one. Well, I do know why in fact, and it is a personal thing, but here goes (feel free to mock - geekery is eminently mockable). It is the combination of a prime lens, the D700 and a decent bit of light - it combines to show just what the camera and a decent lens are capable of given the right conditions. I reckon this could be printed 24X16 or something and it would still look great. Click through if you don't believe me.

Father and Daughter

Photo Competition

I was asked to provide a link to the competition I entered over the course of 2009 in AP Magazine - well here it is. No easy link to the pics that I had placed I'm afraid, though anyone with any familiarity with my Flickr stream will in any case have seen most (or possibly all) of these.

No Photography, Tate Modern

Bzzz Face

Taken whilst on a photowalk with a friend met through Flickr, Nick Kidd.


Pogo Nogo

Here's a business plan one might want to avoid. Invent an interesting product that some people may wish to buy, then ensure that, in the run up to the Christmas period, it isn't available in the shops. Sit back and watch your company go down the pan.

Fern, Italy

I think this one belongs in the "trying too hard" camp.

Jane, Italy

What were those things we had to draw in our science exercise books? Flasks of course.

Pins, Biennale, Venice

Cinema Italia

Jane, Italy

Biennale, Venice


Near the Dolomites - Tovena

Venice Reflected


Kiss Goodbye

Fresh Coffee 1

Coke Bottles


Nr Waterloo


OK, so my last picture didn't get placed, which does disappoint me somewhat. However, I finished 8th in the Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition in AP magazine. Which, given that I stuffed up my first two entries, isn't too bad. ONWARD!

Unicyle and Commuter

Young Blue Eyes

Covent Garden Red


I like the design of the clock.

One Canada Square plus Light

Spot the Crouton

So this was taken with a manual focus 85mm f/2 lens. I reckon if I had tried the same thing with an autofocus, I wouldn't have got the shot. Pre-focusing - its the real deal.

One Canada Square

Bicycle Park

This is a dull little shot isn't it? I might well take it down soon.


Happy Christmas

Drinks, Terrace

I'm doing something wrong. The sky looks horrible in this, and the picture just doesn't have the quality I would like it to. Yet I think that the camera I have is more than capable of rendering this scene in a manner that I would find acceptable - it was taken at ISO 3200 which might sound a lot but which, from following various websites and forums, I understand would normally give rise to better results than this. I must persevere - perhaps I am not "shooting to the right" sufficiently aggressively.

London Eye

Houses of Parliament

The Most "Flickr" Photo Evar

This sums it up nicely in some ways. More here.


Lulu Guinness on Toast

Bench and Blue Bokeh (and not quite enough of the latter unfortunately)