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Vista Print

So, 250 business cards came through the post yesterday and went into the recycling bin today. I know it was only £22.00 but still, you'd think, as a printing company, they would know the difference between a beautiful black and white picture and someone drawing an approximation of a photo in purple-tinged coal dust using a large stick.

Florence, Alleyway

Florence, Alleyway, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1. Getting the odd view on Flickr. Out of sync here, timing wise, but there you go - the perils of easy Flickr blogging.


Waterloo, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.


Oyster Bed

stir crazy: the cats won't cooperate

So they looked cute with little oyster shell hats on. But they wouldn't stay still so I had to pose and lark about myself, hence this nonsensical piece of whimsy.

Catcher in the Sky

So farewell then, Mr Salinger. Apparently your "lover" reports that you were controlling and drank your own urine. I've always wondered about the latter - wasn't it an actress who looked very young who did this? Sarah Miles I think it was. Convinced me in any case, although not enough, of course (lacking in adventurousness as I sometimes am) to try it. Anyway, thank you for Holden - he was interesting.


Mmm, no multi-tasking, looks like a huge iPhone, screen size 3 inches smaller than a MacBook Pro? Uh uh, back to work Mr Ives.

Uzbekistan - A Shameful Leadership

The photographer Umida Akhmedova has been locked up by the Uzbekistan government for pictures like this one - a dreadful pity, as the government are making themselves look very foolish indeed. What would bring shame on a country and her people more quickly - dreadful authoritarian nonsense like imprisonment for photography, or photos showing life as it is lived there? More of her pictures can be seen here, though for how much longer who knows.

Anthony Gormley's "Another Place", Crosby, nr. Liverpool


A tad grainy I will admit, but at something like 5000ISO, not surprising.



Banding? I do apologise.


Hoodies and (too small) Hound

Oh, and banding. Horrible banding.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart


Feeding the Birds

Industry at Dusk



Too many drugs you think?

Another Place, Crosby Beach, Nr. Liverpool

(Waffle warning: Patrick Dodds attempts to talk seriously about Art).

Some more pics coming up (when I have the time to get to them) of Anthony Gormley's Another Place which Jane and I visited again yesterday. Some thoughts about this artwork, which I would rate (even trying to allow for the recency effect) as amongst the best I have ever seen:

1. I was talking to a photographer's assistant (the band Anathema were on a photo shoot on the beach at the same time as us) who hadn't been there before but who loved what he saw - he said that what interested him was the way in which the figures faced outward towards the incoming (at that time) tide in an impassive manner, accepting of their fate.
2. Jane liked the fact that the statues are, on the landward side, in a fairly run-down, industrially ravaged area and thought that this suited them well.
3. We both liked the fact that the statues are left to gradually erode and rust away, turning various different colours as they do so…


Fantasm (!), originally uploaded by patrickdodds1. Ooh this is almost too easy....!
UPDATE: Ah there we are, the problem. Life eh? Well, I shall leave this up as a reminder that any pictures I use from Flickr are technically intimately linked to Flickr and therefore if they are removed from there they go from here. That plus the cropping silliness means, of course, that the "easiness" is non-existant.

Darwin Centre 2

Vanda 6

Vanda 5 (Little City)

That is me on the central "office block"... if you get the chance to see this installation I would strongly recommend that you go.

Vanda 4

Not sure why there is the ugliness with the poor shadow rendition top left - my apologies - it is better on Flickr.

Roaring at the Moon

Vanda 3



The courtyard at the V and A museum - a beautiful sight, particularly if you can get there around dusk.

Temperate House

Positively Victorian, Kew Gardens

Game Over


Canada-in-London - the final part

...and one more...

... and another

Cheeky monkey!

While you wait, here's another picture...

Busker 5

Busker 4

Busker 3

Busker 2

Buskers 1


Isleworth Allotments

Went with a neighbour to take some pics at her allotment site this morning; had been hoping for more snow but instead there were the beginnings of a thaw and I thought for a while that I wouldn't go. However, to have said "no" would have run contrary to my new year's resolve to say "yes" to as many new experiences as possible (except country dancing, obviously) so I went along and the shot above is one of a few that I quite like. On arrival Ellie, whose allotment we'd gone to see, said that she'd occasionally been lucky enough to see kingfishers nearby and, just as she'd finished her sentence, we saw a tell-tale blue flash - beautiful. Thereafter we saw a sleek looking fox, a pair of woodpeckers as well as a number of herons and about a dozen magpies. So, there you go - just say 'yes'....
Oh, and BTW, a few yards from where I was standing to take this, apparently a local resident set light to the dismembered remains of his wife whom he…


Needles and Snow

Swan and Icy Water, Kew

Kew Gardens

The one on the right clearly has something naughty in mind.

.... and stttrrrretch

Time Warp courtesy of South Wales

Many thanks to the DVLA, Swansea, for taking me back in time today. Firstly, I got a reminder that my driving licence is due to expire because the photo is out of date (picture is 10 years old soon.... lordy). Secondly, I had to write them a cheque - remember them? Looking at the stubs in my book, the last one I wrote was in August 2008 - getting on for 18 months ago. I had to think how to do it. Next up, dealing with paper pictures that I have to use scissors to cut out, stick to a form, and put in the post - crikey, it was like an episode of Blue Peter. So, thank you for that but here's hoping by the time of the next renewal in 2020 there will be some form of digital replacement for this malarkey.
BTW, as an aside, I think I will have to get a 2nd set of pics as one is meant to "look natural but without expression - your mouth should be closed, you should not be grinning, frowning or raising your eyebrows." Now I don't know if the pics below show me "grinning&…

Happy Easter

Easter "treats" available in the shops now. Indeed. Thanks for that Mister Tesco, I'm dumb as a plank and wish to will my life away waiting for "holidays", that is, enforced periods of confinement to quarters by the end of which I am ready to go outside with a bazooka. Yep, thanks, I'm glad you have EasterTweaks or whatever they are on your shelves.

Delft 14

Delft 13