29 April 2010

Final election debate and the winner is....

too close to call. Gordy did better than he could have hoped yesterday and Nicky wasn't as bad as he had been on Radio 4 yesterday afternoon. David was a polished liar (the party of the vulnerable - ha!).

28 April 2010

Saturday Morning, Slightly Hungover, Bournemouth

Wolf Redux

Off today to shoot some more pictures of the Authentic Artists Collective at LAMDA and afterwards I think a walk around Kew where spring is well and truly sprung (albeit that the bluebells aren't quite there yet). Pics of both to follow but while you wait can I suggest that both of you pop off and read about the Greek financial crisis and try and imagine what will happen when governments around the world realise that they can no longer control financial institutions without global legislation, legislation that will of course prove impossible to agree. Interesting times indeed.

25 April 2010

Capture NX

This, Nikon's crash-prone software for making basic edits to Nikon proprietary RAW files (NEFs), must surely rate alongside any software ever produced by Sony as the worst ever put out in the wild and not given up as a bad job.

22 April 2010

Tripartite Debate, Part 2

So, that was it - real last week, Politics this week. Game over as the slickness, the practice, the speak-to-camera took over. Move on - nothing of interest here any more.

14 April 2010

Spotify Goodbye

So, farewell then Spotify
For a while you were good
But now you have to die:
BT and Apple have got under your hood
And you can no longer fly.
And thus another one who wanted to pay
Is off to learn about Pirate Bay.

12 April 2010

The Joys of Commuting

Pity the poor guy on the right - if you click through you can see he is incredibly alarmed.

Digital Magic at Waterloo




Lots of swearing here - though much of it amusing. FUP indeed.

Is there a doctor in the house? Who cares.

Why do people who know doctors always insist on telling you that they are friends with a doctor? It is never “my friend Steve said the other day,” it is “my friend Steve the Cardiologist said the other day….”. Sure, getting to be a doctor is hard and they are brainy people but really, do we have to continue with this ridiculous aggrandisement-by-association? Once you start noticing it it doesn’t impress, it annoys. You don’t hear people saying “my friend Steve the engineer said the other day”. Nor, for that matter, do you hear doctors saying “my friend Steve the Cardiologist said the other day.” If it is relevant – “the other day my friend Steve the Cardiologist said that the latest study linking sheep’s milk with myocardial infarction is bogus” – by all means tell me, but if you are doing it to show off and give added weight to what a doctor thinks about the demise of the once great Beastie Boys, do behave and leave it out.

M, Soho