29 May 2010

Mmm, thanks

What I really enjoy when trying to fix a wireless network issue (aside from endless acronyms and language that make no sense to anyone who doesn't code for a living - RADIUS / AES / TSIK / "windows cannot find a certificate" / WEP / WAP / WHIPBAMBOOLY and so forth) is when the suggestions involve updating your computer.... by going on the internet! Genius. Well done. Yep, I'll convert myself into digital data and chug off down my phoneline and have a look around like lawnmower man and then drag the data I need back to my PC manually. FFS. THE INTERNET IS BROKEN. I CAN'T GET ON. THAT IS WHY I NEED A SOLUTION THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE CONNECTING THE MACHINE TO THE INTERNET. I mean c'mon, work it out!
Oh, and to explain: this is being done from a Mac. It is the PC that is broken. And yes, I've fiddled with various settings until I am ready to drop the machine from a roof somewhere. And yes, I have turned off the IEEE thingammy, whatever that is.

23 May 2010

Brighton: Brian Eno installation, Marlborough House

These are the words of a poet called Paul with whom Brian Eno collaborated on the installation. Unfortunately I can't find more details about him on the Brighton Festival website but if I come across any info I will certainly put it up here. Today, Sunday 23rd, is the last day btw - I'd recommend you go if you can. It is free to get in.

Brighton: Brian Eno installation, Marlborough House

Brighton - Sun's Out

22 May 2010

Brighton: The Antidote?

A bad day at work followed by a poor showing in terms of my photographic skills at a work event in the evening, in turn followed by the car breaking down this morning - mmm, not a good start to the weekend. However, a day in the sun in Brighton does wonders, as some photos may attest. By the way, to the man who leapt out of his red rover on North Street and skipped merrily over to the goldsmiths, only to develop a seriously hammy limp when a traffic warden turned up later necessitating the chucking of a blue badge onto the dash: you've been rumbled.

13 May 2010

The Vietnam War: A Reminder

Pity that photographers can't cover wars nowadays - there might be less of them. Wars that is, not photographers.

10 May 2010

Turning Day into Night

Oxford, Saturday afternoon. In fact, though, I missed the money shot (a priest with a flower-patterned white umbrella and a young student in all his graduating finery with a similar umbrella, walking together beside a yellowing Cotswold stone wall - I forgot my own advice about having the camera out even in the rain - darn it!).

5 May 2010

2 May 2010

Rainy Window 2

Rainy Window

Wrong angle, snatched shot, elements unbalanced, no centre of interest and yet, somehow, it works better than the other shots in the sequence. There you go, pictures as unpredictable as ever...

Going Underground, Waterloo

Andrew Edmunds Restaurant, Soho

Out Photoshopping

The Times newspaper has the above picture as one of a series in its photoblog of the election with the following information appended:

"So, David Cameron was speaking at a Center for Social Justice this morning about mending 'Broken Britain'. He pulled up in South London in his Lexus, and opened the door not for Sam Cam, but Eastenders actress Brooke Kinsella whose 16 year old brother died after being stabbed last year."

There is something of a strange look to the giant car is there not? Something strange as in the occupants look like midgets. Could it be that the picture is a composite? Surely not.