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Covent Garden

Brighton: Dreams

Mmm, thanks



Odd Feeling in Me Water


Sir Derek Jacobi

Bamboo: Petersham Open Gardens Day

Petersham Open Gardens Day (with more than a hint of Monet)

Brighton: Brian Eno installation, Marlborough House

Brighton: Brian Eno installation, Marlborough House

Brighton - Sun's Out

Brighton: The Antidote?

War Paint

The Vietnam War: A Reminder

Turning Day into Night

Street Juggler, Covent Garden

Sunny Side of the Street

Like the world needs more flower pictures....


Prediction: Update


... and Nick shields his wife before she gets in the car and they head off into an Orange electoral sunset

Special Branch move in....

Nick Clegg getting shouted at and called the "C" word (and I don't mean Conservative)....

Now with added smoke

Rainy Window 2

Rainy Window

Going Underground, Waterloo

Andrew Edmunds Restaurant, Soho

Out Photoshopping

Learning about Displacement Activity 2

Learning about Displacement Activity