20 November 2010

Another World

So, I drop by the Royal Family website to offer my services as a wedding photographer (hey, you never know!). A banner headline made me smile: in the form of a type of FAQ, it said "What is a Realm?" Marvelous.

15 November 2010

If Ireland Defaults, Who Gets Hurt?

Monthh-old post from an interesting blog here, but still pertinent given the news coming out of Ireland. The tiger is now pretty much a rug.

14 November 2010

Click Here to Add a Title

Click Here to Add a Title, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

Ireland: The End Game

Schadenfreude? I don't know. But there is a lot in the press about Ireland's denial that she is going for a loan to the rest of her friends in the Eurozone. Mmmhmm, that's right - she is NOT going to be asking for money. Ain't that the truth? Well, no, clearly it isn't. It has been over a long time in Ireland - like Wile E Coyote running on air the wrong side of the cliff edge, anyone watching could see from years back that property prices were completely bonkers and due to come crashing down. Nothing like that here in the UK of course..... :)

13 November 2010


Ease of use: 10/10
Ergonomics: Bit heavy, volume switch gets moved unintentionally, quite slippery but nice shape generally: 7/10
Usefulness: As portfolio for photography work: 9/10; for anything else: 3/10
Apps - delight in: 4/10
Battery Life: 8/10
For watching the odd YouTube Video: 9/10
Overall: 6/10 (subject to review following forthcoming OS upgrade)

Google Analytics

tells me that there has been a 200% increase in web traffic on my website over the last day or so. Up from 0 to 2 people - trebles all round!

(Fridays are traditionally a quiet day on the interwebz of course).

The [Awaiting completion once word that means "when machines overtake humans in the intelligence stakes" has popped back into head]*

So, as I approach the point at which I have 1000 pictures on Flickr, I also approach 10,000 views. Hmmm, not wildly impressive is it? 10 views an item. So, how to improve that total:
1. Women. Naked women preferably, but fey high key close ups of women in their early 20s preferably lying half-clothed in an uncomfortable outdoor environment are also good. Poetry underneath as well, that helps.
2. Flowers. With shallow depth of field and a generally approving comment about bokeh.
3. Young men. Good looking unshaven young men lying around looking emotionally damaged. That's good too.
4. Seascapes. Where the sea is milky white and smooth from a long exposure. There should be a rock of some sort, or sand patterns, in the foreground and plenty of moody clouds. Sun low in sky or, in the case of black and white, invisible.
5. Mention of the word "storm" in the tags or title. We have about five genuine storms in the UK a year, at least away from Cornwall or the Highlands and Islands. Yet somehow they are captured daily on Flickr. Hmm. Must try harder.
Well, I've only done half of these.... so, back to it.

*Obviously, this happened some time ago in my case. And the word is, of course, "singularity".

12 November 2010

Apple vs Google

Is it apple messing with google or the other way around that makes the two companies incompatible on the iPad?

9 November 2010

DSC_2491: Nature Does Pointillism, Man Loses

DSC_2491, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.


DSC_0096, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

8 November 2010

Can you tell a man by his Apps?

Well here you go - front screen of my HTC desire at present:

Blik Calendar
Oblique Strategies
Retro Camera
Calendar (I know, a little repetitious - long story)

What am I missing? What, oh psychological Sherlocks, does it all Mean?

7 November 2010


DSC_2413, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

5 November 2010


Masterchef, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

4 November 2010

Grouchy 10.26.10

Grouchy 10.26.10, originally uploaded by jezandia.

Wish I'd taken this one. There are loads more as good - go take a look. Count Dogcula is fabulous. Click on link under picture to see Melody's (jezandia's) photostream.

DSC_1861 b w

DSC_1861 b w , originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.