28 December 2010

Christmas Eve Wedding - pics up on PDP

Winter wedding in Weybridge - the record is now available at PDP.

Flipboard magazine - A reason to buy an iPad?

Yes. Why?
1. It just works.
2. Your friends' Flickr photos and Facebook updates appear as magazine-style headings and look fresh and professional.
3. Intuitive interface (are you listening Project?). Flip over the pages, go back, forward - you understand where you are in relation to the app.
4. It makes the iPad make sense.

27 December 2010

Project magazine ... A reason to buy an iPad?

No. Why?
1. Download and install takes forever.
2. The design is broken as there is no way to navigate on most pages.
3. It loves itself more than the reader.
4. It freezes more often than a polar bear's arse.

25 December 2010

Happy Christmas from Mrs Lemon's

Taken yesterday at Joanne and Paul's wedding (congrats to you two once more!), this is Siena, a most beautiful bridesmaid. More to follow at PDP.

21 December 2010


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20 December 2010


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DSC_3016 black and white

DSC_3016 black and white , originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

That's better.

19 December 2010

13 December 2010


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9 December 2010

Another Version


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8 December 2010

New Photography Galleries

A couple of new galleries at my website - Barry's 50th and Katrina's Baby Shower... Both fun events (see below for a report on the latter), and both with great people. You know, doing this photography, it is interesting to note just how kind and hospitable people generally are. Now, if only it were that way in the day job! Still, onward>>>.

6 December 2010

Photographing Events No. 1: The Baby Shower

An interesting shoot yesterday – a baby shower at a nightclub… Hmm, you might think, how does that work? Well, you hire out the club during daylight hours and invite family and friends along for an afternoon of silly, fun games and presents, cake, sparkling drinks and the like. And you know what? People (well, OK, women mainly, but their kids and partners too in some cases), they loved it.

Photographically it was demanding but then that seems to be pretty much always the case – events where there are no problems with light / perspective / the need for silence / the need for speed: events such as these don’t exist. If you are looking for such perfect conditions it might be best to stick to studio work. Of course, what you won’t get in the studio but you will with a live event is an opportunity to take shots like this:

Now, nightclubs aren’t, of course, known for sunshine but I thought that, it being daytime, there was a chance there’d be some available light. Well, that was partly right – the front half of the venue – the RS Lounge – was reasonably well served with windows, but at the back (where, wouldn’t you know it, most of the action took place) it was verging on coal mine-like levels of ambient light by 3 p.m. The newly acquired SB600 thus got a full airing and performed pretty well and, even though it isn’t my preferred modus operandi, it saved the day on a few occasions. At times, bouncing the flash wasn’t an option – dark grey for the most part, the walls and ceilings didn’t lend themselves to low ISOs and great depth of field. But what the club lacked in photogenic qualities the mother-to-be (hi Katrina) and her guests more than made up for in looks and attitude. So, a light hearted afternoon full of challenge – what photographer could ask for more? Here’s one of the flash-based numbers:

Technical details? Well, OK: All shots taken with a combination of a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 24 – 70 zoom; ISO and aperture all over the shop and some 3200+ ISO work included. For the flash shots I bounced where possible but some straight-to-face shots had to be done where the aforementioned grey paint issues precluded other methods. Things were happening too fast for off-camera flash most of the time: though this would have been possible, I had already said that I would intrude as little as I could – most people don’t want their parties to turn into one long portrait session – hence I mostly used onboard flash with some of the compromises that entails.

More photos will appear here in due course. While you wait (!), here's a final shot from early in the afternoon when there was still some light: