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Absence: No. 1 in a series


Marble Hill House Twickenham

V and A

Great London Cliches of the Modern Age No 12: The Millenium Bridge

What 100,000,000 Ceramic Sunflower Seeds Look Like

A bit, erm, dull, in reality. Still, maybe I haven't tried hard enough with them. Time will tell.

At the Tate? But I thought that was the point?

Monet, Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Near the Chess River, Chorleywood


Inside the Saatchi

Outside the Saatchi

Saatchi Gallery


There are a few more over here at PDP.

Shooting Wolves in Regents Park


Hidden Birds

One of a series taken for a production of Hidden Birds, a play exploring issues raised by the theme of torture.

No Animal Fouling

Ash @ Cuts


Inside Out

Kew Winter Sun

On the way back from Cuts

On the way back from Cuts, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1. I need a model to practice with - enough shots of me! Anyone fancy a mutual photoshoot in London sometime? M/F, doesn't matter.

Everything is Illuminated

Strawberry Hill House

Somehow it is like looking into the 1920s.



Ellie and her Mum NYD

James NYD

Jem, NYE

TS revisited

TS revisited, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.


shot_1293832952223, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

How do they decide what they are going to call camera phone pictures anyway? And, you know what, I know I could google that but sometimes it is nice to be puzzled. Which, given my general level of ineptitude, is just as well.

Bringing Down the BoE one Harry Worth Impression at a Time

NY Day