22 March 2011

Anatomy of a Shoot

Off to the City early again this morning where I am photographing a couple of buildings. The sun is out and I am having a latte while the morning crowds build. Light is good, if a little strong. The idea is to get plenty of foot traffic and a beautiful blue sky, something that, in England, is not easy to coordinate. However, if no badly parked trucks come along, today might be the day. At last! Even now though, the fat lady hasn't quite warbled.
This is the sixth time I have been down here now and what looks like an easy job on paper again proves to be a challenge. One of the realisations I have had as I have slowly built up the paid jobs I have done is that what looks straightforward rarely turns out that way and producing professional results every time takes time, planning and effort. I am also rapidly concluding that people pictures are where the joy lies.

"if no badly parked trucks come along" - what a fule I am. Of course as soon as I discarded the empty latte cup and set up opposite the buildings, a truck came along and parked directly outside my "subject" in order to repair the road. Thankfully the driver was a decent guy and didn't hesitate when I asked if he'd mind parking twenty yards up the street so I could get my shot. That done, all there was to wrestle with were badly placed pedestrians on my side of the road, converging verticals and great lacunae in the foot traffic outside the building where I actually wanted pedestrians to be... Still, I think I finally nailed it! We shall see - the final word obviously isn't mine but my client's client. Watch this space.

21 March 2011

Filming on Saturday

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion

I'd strongly recommend this - the Los Angeles version appears to have lost the police radio element but the San Francisco one is still up. Making an association with Bladerunner is not unheard of on first listening - you will think you have moved to the future.