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Pregnancy Yoga Shoot 6

Pregnancy Yoga Shoot 5

My favourite shot of the day is the top one I think. Any thoughts / comments welcome.

Yoga Shoot, Part 3

Yoga Shoot, Part 2

Yoga Shoot, Part 1

Anatomy of a Shoot

Off to the City early again this morning where I am photographing a couple of buildings. The sun is out and I am having a latte while the morning crowds build. Light is good, if a little strong. The idea is to get plenty of foot traffic and a beautiful blue sky, something that, in England, is not easy to coordinate. However, if no badly parked trucks come along, today might be the day. At last! Even now though, the fat lady hasn't quite warbled.
This is the sixth time I have been down here now and what looks like an easy job on paper again proves to be a challenge. One of the realisations I have had as I have slowly built up the paid jobs I have done is that what looks straightforward rarely turns out that way and producing professional results every time takes time, planning and effort. I am also rapidly concluding that people pictures are where the joy lies.

"if no badly parked trucks come along" - what a fule I am. Of course as soon as I discarded the empty latt…

Filming on Saturday

Kew Gardens: Aloe

Kew Gardens redux redux

Last few for the time being

A few more from this morning

Absence: No. 7 in a Series

Filming at Duke Street 3

Filming at Duke Street 2

Filming at Duke Street 1


Bit of Cuts, one of Get Carter - bit random - apologies.

Anything Goes, Leicester Square Theatre, Sunday March 6th 2011 Part the Second

Anything Goes, Sunday Night, March 6th 2011

A Couple More from the "Get Carter" Party