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Pregnancy Yoga Shoot 6

Pregnancy Yoga Shoot 5

Yoga Shoot, Part 3

Yoga Shoot, Part 2

Yoga Shoot, Part 1

Anatomy of a Shoot

Filming on Saturday

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion

Kew Gardens: Aloe

Kew Gardens redux redux

Last few for the time being

A few more from this morning

Absence: No. 7 in a Series

Filming at Duke Street 3

Filming at Duke Street 2

Filming at Duke Street 1


Bit of Cuts, one of Get Carter - bit random - apologies.

Anything Goes, Leicester Square Theatre, Sunday March 6th 2011 Part the Second

Anything Goes, Sunday Night, March 6th 2011

A Couple More from the "Get Carter" Party