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Holborn / Covent Garden border


Slightly soft eyes but I can't resist

Kew Gardens

Sinitta and Georgina Hale


Natasha Kerr at Cuts

Natasha Kerr - Opening Night at Cuts

The artist Natasha Kerr at Cuts. More of her work and information about her and her inspiration here.

Absence: No. 8 in a Series


Get Carter! in rehearsal 3

Forty years on, there is a superb stage version of Get Carter, the seminal 1971 film starring Michael Caine as the almost-but-not-quite sociopathic eponymous anti-hero, being staged as part of the Brighton Festival. If you can, get along to the Hove Centre in the next few days - beware, though: violence, nudity and strong language from the start make this heady stuff.

Get Carter! in rehearsal 2

Get Carter! in rehearsal 1

Lensbaby Composer - a quick test

I thought that, in the absence of X100s in London, I'd treat myself to something else and tried the Lensbaby Composer in Jessops' New Oxford Street branch, where the above was taken. Glad I tried it out first. I knew it was meant to be a fun device but what I hadn't realised was that the comedy extended to the pricing. £180 for a piece of mostly tatty plastic that looked and felt like something out of a kid's magic kit? Not on your life. Anyway, above was shot with the "device" - meh all round.

With irony

How do people manage with anything other than a D700?

Note: This post heavy on the :-)
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More from The Street

A Few Shots from today's Anything Goes session at the Leicester Square Theatre

At Pound Farm

South Bank (street)

Some shots from the West of Ireland

Couple from Wales