22 September 2011

O & R's Wedding

A & T's Wedding

A & T's Wedding

A & T's Wedding

Photographer's Photograph

Irish Sea


The Delights of Hollyhead




Not sure this panorama function on the X100 is a winner. Ah well now.


Country End

19 September 2011

South Bank

Got chatting to this guy on the way home after walking up to him to ask if it was alright to take his picture (I absolutely couldn't resist owing to the beautiful light as the sun set, although of course this doesn't particularly capture that same beautiful light but never mind). His being a skilled exponent of stunt riding (is that what it is called? I don't know, but he was bloody good on his bike), lots of people take his picture apparently. Anyway, he thanked me for asking him if it was alright and said that a lot of people are rude and don't ask and just fire away. I said that, perhaps rather than being rude, they are too shy to ask, and I told him that often that is the case with me, although in such circumstances I am becoming more and more inclined not to take pictures. My new rule of thumb is that, if I don't ask beforehand for fear of ruining a great candid moment, I should at least have the guts to talk to the person afterwards. Again, I don't always - street performers, for example, seem to me to be ripe for portraits without the necessity of asking permission, although again it depends - if they appear to be possibly in the country and conducting business on the street without the necessary documentation (and no, I can't say what the criteria are that make me think this - my day job helps on top of what I like to think is a natural intuition, but I am probably talking sh*te), then I won't point the camera their way.

18 September 2011



"Pretty" pictures like this - is there a point to them? I'm not sure there is. They capture something, certainly, but they don't add to the sum of human experience in any way as far as I can figure (which admittedly isn't very far). Anyway, here it is nonetheless, a view over a small pond / lake towards mountains taken from the grounds of Kylemore Abbey in the West of Ireland.

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

On the Road to Ruthin, North Wales


14 September 2011

Life: Interrupted

In the studio, Connemara. This shot, with a few more to follow, was taken this week at what was my mother's house in Connemara following the death of her one-time partner and, (to some extent*), my step-father. Oh look, it's complicated. Anyway, take it from me, it was a sad occasion visiting the house with Denys having not long died. He'd not done much to the place since the death of his second wife Susan (see, I told you it was complicated) and signs of her life, as well as his, are everywhere. These photos are, for me, momento mori. THERE SHOULD BE A PARAGRAPH BREAK HERE - THE NEW BLOGGER INTERFACE CLEARLY HAS A FEW BUGS :) *He never really felt like my stepfather in part because I was 14/15 and starting to individuate when he came along, and in part because we were never particularly close. And, to further clarify, my mother died quite some time ago. THERE SHOULD BE ANOTHER PARAGRAPH BREAK HERE, TOO. Whew, getting a bit confessional here on Mrs Lemon's - I do apologise.

10 September 2011

City of London 2


City of London

At the launch of Sue Eckstein's New Novel, Interpreters

At the launch of Sue Eckstein's New Novel, Interpreters

@ London Welsh Rugby Ground

Little Show / Advertorial at Leaf and Bean Cafe, Duke St Church, Richmond

Jane and I hung some of my pictures today, with some help too from L (thanks again L). They were printed on metal by Printerior Design in Kent and I must say they did a very good job - just what I had hoped for. Hanging took a while but I was pleased with the result; will have to wait and see if the money I invested in this pays off with some solid bookings for future portrait or wedding work. The pictures can be found at the Leaf and Bean Cafe, in the basement of Duke St Church in Richmond - open Monday to Saturday 10 - 2.
The little red box isn't a fire alarm point btw, it is a card holder full of miniaturised business cards. When you go, do help yourself!

3 September 2011

Janet and the Owl

Leo Tolstoy, 1828-1910

"Art is a human activity, consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of external signs, hands on to others feelings he has worked through, and other people are infected by these feelings and also experience them".

Oxford Street Looking West

Oxford Street Looking West, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

Does this pass the Tolstoy test? No, but I like it.