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Saying Goodbye to 2012

Getting the Maremmas to howl, Instow Beach.

Onward into 2013! I hope you all have howlingly good years yourselves.

Help Me Please

Verity, Ilfracombe



Sorry about the slightly striated face - long story. Anyway, I can live with it if you can.

Alcoholic Penguin Struggles to Resist

Christmas at the Community Centre

Joe - Pianist and Composer

Oscar's Angels


Joe plus Grand

Tris in Star Child, King's Head

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to one and all - may you have a peaceful and family-feud-free festive season. See you on the other side (a couple of postings notwithstanding - there may be some pictures from Starchild that make the cut).


Untitled, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1. Best viewed whilst listening to Lana Del Ray

Plus ca Change

One ofOne
One of the most bizarre comments I've read on the Sandy Hook shootings was from a pro-gun, micro-appendaged guy on a weblog where he seriously suggested that in order to stop future killings of this sort, there should be primary school teachers who were armed and trained to use weapons at every primary school. One shouldn't laugh at such a time, perhaps, but honestly, I couldn't help it - the man (I'm assuming, 100% without a qualm, that it was a man) was totally without irony. Armed primary school teachers? Yep, that's the way to go. See that lollipop man? Under his white coat he has an Uzi. And he's not afraid to use it.


Cambridge. Light.




Front Room









Delft University Library

With gratitude to Bill Brandt.

New Coat?

An Idiot Abroad


South Bank

The Red Lion

Inside the Tax-Dodger's Lair

St Paul's Cathedral

Dublin Airport



Front Room

British Museum

Pre-Wedding Prayer


Charing Cross


The View out Back

Posts Needed

I'm off to get some shots I think. I've had a gym induction this morning (30 minutes before nausea set in - I think the inductor was a little surprised how unfit a human could be and still function in society - but I shall be going back), done a heap of photography-related stuff and have a little to finish before picking up a camera and setting off to get some shots of the century ;-) inspired by Gueorgui Pinkhassov: if one wasn't inspired one would have to give up the photography altogether I think, such is this guy's talent.
UPDATE: Ran out of time before it got dark (which seemed to be about 2.30... sigh) - ah well, there's always... erm, the weekend? Oh well, ONWARDS!

Poppies: London Under Ground

Further Response to Moriyama and Klein at Tate Modern 3

Further Response to Klein and Moriyama at Tate Modern 2