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Melody Schroeder: A dangerous look.

Melody Schroeder

Melody Schroeder

Actress Melody Schroeder

Or is it Uma Thurman?

Fal Estuary

Pirate, Falmouth, Cornwall

Ellie, St Ives

I liked this one a lot until I saw the raspberry lightning. Ah well.



St Ives

SMRT1? SMRTI? SMRF1? SPIRM? Through Traffic fo' sure...

St Ives

Off Falmouth

Pirate Singer 3

Pirate Singer 2

Pirate Singer, Falmouth

St Mawes


Becky, Time Cafe, Probus, Cornwall

Re-worked 2


Ron, Richmond

Yeah, I burnt his whiskers - stupid stupid stupid! However, it just about stands up still. A nice guy, I know nothing about him other than he readily agreed to a portrait and I will drop him off a print at the Church where he was sweeping up immediately prior to my taking this shot.

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge as Daisy in The Great Gatsby

A 99 Please

On Top of a Bicycle: The only place in the world less sexy than a bus*

For five years my bike has stood out in the rain, unloved. On a whim and a nag, "I" decided to get it fixed up and so took it to the local shop where, after a mere 12 hours and £140, it was returned to me in perfect working order. Which was when the trouble started. It's raining (drought, June, summer - you know) and windy and generally shoddy out, and the brief test ride I did before returning home was therefore less than enjoyable, saddle-memory notwithstanding. Then there was the hauling it through the house to the back (I live in a terrace) and the covering / uncovering with a tarp. After all of which (lasting perhaps 15 minutes in total), the house looks like the inside of a knackers yard and I look as if I have been working on a farm for a fortnight without access to running water.

Bring on the next 5 years.....

*I know there's the morgue, but with CSI's beautiful corpses, that slot is relegated to 2nd place.

Another from The Apple Cart Festival

Thanks to everyone at the Guardian for a fantastic day on Sunday: despite the horrendous weather it was unforgettable.

Beth Jeans Houghton

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.

Watching the Penguin Cafe Orchestra at The Apple Cart Festival

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge prepares for The Great Gatsby at The King's Head