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Nearly, London


There you are: melancholy. Beauty. Ambiguity. It's nearly all present, nearly a great picture. [Keep going Patrick, keep going.]



Freedom no. 2

The Chandos

A few from an earlier wedding, this time converted as if it were 1962

Beautiful Couple, Wedding

Beautiful Smile, Wedding

Beautiful Hair, Wedding


Smiles, Wedding

Elegance (Wedding)




X100: If in doubt, chuck a filter at it?

X100: Last Desperate Attempts at Salvation

X100 trying again

Sunday Afternoon at The Church 2

Sunday Afternoon at The Church

Port Eliot

Port Elliot

Trying out Ideas 3

Trying out Ideas 2

Trying out Ideas 1


So, anyone want to buy a used X100? :)

Nearly, but nope....


Fuji X100: Final Verdict

Well, I think I've given it a fair chance. I've had it a year or so (though it feels like longer) and it hasn't grown on me. The pictures I can get with it still suck majorly. Lag, focus issues, over-complication of what should have been simple operations. The weight, look of the camera, and some of the features (silent operation, good high ISO performance*, and, erm, that's about it) are OK, but the crappy pictures it produces just don't cut it. See here, a couple of shots:

This first one: well, it's about as good as I can get out of the bloody thing. And it lacks in all departments. I've had to boost contrast to the max in photoshop (this from a jpeg - I've not found a good Raw converter for Fuji files, though I am on the verge of trying Lightroom again) and it shows - it looks strained somehow. The figures are too dark, too indistinct, and yet I've tried everything to make them stand out. The elements of a good picture are there, or some of them…

Wedding, 18th August, Manchester