11 October 2012

Of Jays and Dreaming

I met a friend tonight. We chatted over a bottle of Montepulciano and some pizza and she told me about a recent day with her parents. She's looking out the window, with her boyfriend, at her parents' garden, her mother at her side. She tells her mother how beautiful she thinks the jay in the nearby tree is. In the back of her mind / off to one side / hardly noticing it, she hears her father slip from the room. Then, as they watch, my friend appalled, her mother passionless, the sound of an airgun is heard from upstairs and the jay drops lifeless to the ground. Moments later the jay's partner appears on the fence above the ground where the lifeless bird lies, and stares. My friend's father reappears from upstairs - he's had the airgun for a year or so.

Jays mate for life.

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