7 October 2012

The Artist's Way

So I'm following the above, details here, and am just starting out on Week 4. The main "rule" or admonition this week is that I shouldn't read. Now, I have to read at work, as, I suspect, do most people. The author does argue that people procrastinate at work all the time and that therefore it should still be possible not to read; however, in both the photography and the day job, this just isn't viable, for a million reasons. However, what is possible, and she comments on this, is not to fill every spare moment with reading a paper, magazine, novel or whatever. Me? I won't be faffing about on the internet for hours on end, nor will I be using my phone to do this during my commute. I might go mad in the interim, but I am going to try and stick to this for a week. I won't buy any magazines, I won't be reading Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer, or Kirk Tuck at The Visual Science Lab. Instead, what? Well, I already seem to be blogging....

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